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Have you been asked to write a letter of recommendation for graduate school? If you have it’s either you will be happy to write one because you are comfortable with your writing skills or you will feel a bit pressured because you are not really good at writing. Whatever you might be feeling at the moment, you need to keep in mind that the letter of recommendation you will be writing should be as honest as possible as this will help the admissions officer to get a picture of the character of the applicant.

What to Write in a Recommendation Letter for Graduate School

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What goes in a letter of recommendation for graduate school? Aside from a short history between you two, it should also contain a preview of the applicant’s education history and work achievements if any. It should also indicate the strengths and weaknesses of the individual because you want to be honest with your letter. Although you might think that adding the negatives can hurt their bid to be accepted in the graduate school, it is necessary because it will help the school understand who the applicant is through your unbiased recommendation.

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