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Reference Letter: What Is It?

A letter of recommendation is also called a reference letter. It is a formal document written to recommend a particular person for a specific job. If you are writing a letter of recommendation for immigration to NZ, it should present you as a suitable person who can be a valuable addition to the country.

A recommendation letter mentions your specific abilities regarding your job experience or personal skills. The content of a letter depends on its purpose. The best recommendation letter is the one that is relevant to its purpose. If you are confused about the content, you can hire the letter of recommendation service, and professional writers will compose it.

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The Usage of a Letter of Recommendation

A letter of recommendation, or a reference letter, can be used for different purposes, such as:

  • To get a new job
  • For immigration
  • For admission to grad school
  • To get a bank loan
  • To participate in volunteering
  • To get a new home

In short, it can be used when you have to prove that you are eligible for this particular thing. The recommendation letter service will ask the reason before writing your letter.

Things to Avoid in Writing a Letter of Recommendation for Immigration

You can see examples of letters of recommendation for immigration to NZ. They will give you an idea about the content and format. However, there are a few things you must avoid when writing a letter of recommendation.

Irrelevant information

A character letter for immigration to NZ, or a letter of reference for immigration to the UK, should contain only pertinent information that is useful for visa officers. Writing irrelevant details is of no use. It’s an official letter that should be specific.

Improper format

A letter of recommendation for immigration to NZ must follow certain requirements. A long letter with a colorful font is not acceptable. Write a comprehensive letter that will not be more than a page. Use a font that is easy to read; for instance, Arial and Times New Roman are preferred for official letters.

Use of templates

A lot of samples and templates are available on the internet. Applicants find it easy to use them. However, the use of them must be avoided. Visa officers are well-aware of these templates and fonts, and they don’t like them. Originality is always preferred. It’s better to write your own content. So, select a letter of reference service carefully if you want to avoid such mistakes.

Good Examples of Letter of Recommendation for Immigration to NZ

An example of letter of recommendation for immigration to NZ can help you to get to know the content and writing style. Here is an example that may interest you.

To whom it may concern

I am submitting this letter to support Martha John’s application for immigration to New Zealand.

My name is William George. I am a permanent citizen of New Zealand and work in a railway department here. I have known Martha for three years since she started living next door.

During this period, I found her a kind and hardworking lady. She is very famous in our local community, and everyone respects her. She helps everyone, particularly elderly neighbors. Sometimes she shovels driveways of all the neighborhoods in winter.

If her application of immigration is approved, she will continue to help the local community for sure. I strongly recommend her and request to accept her application. Please, feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

William George

Main Included Info That Will Make Your Letter of Recommendation for Immigration Successful

You have to be very clear about what to write in a letter of recommendation for immigration to NZ. The information that can make your letter useful is some solid grounds to justify that the person you are recommending is actually useful for the community and country. You have to think about some powerful reasons that make the applicant an ideal person for immigration.

Moreover, you have to provide the exact time for which you have known the person. Don’t forget this nuance writing a letter yourself or using a letter service. It will help the visa officer to understand how closely you know them, and you can be a source to get accurate information about the applicant.


examples of letter of recommendation for immigration purposes in nznz example of a letter of recommendation for immigration

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A New Zealand reference letter aims to help you to get the status of a legal immigrant. A bad letter can ruin your chances, so it’s better to hire a professional service. We can write your character letter for immigration to NZ and the best recommendation letter.

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