Best Pharmacy Residency Letter of Recommendation

how to improve pharmacy residency letters of recommendationA pharmacy residency letter of recommendation is a candidate’s weapon in being invited for an interview. Without even saying, your role as a letter writer is integral in helping him win one of the slots for an interview. Therefore, it is best to know that best way on how to write a pharmacy LoR to be able to recommend someone the best way that you know.

Pharmacy LoR Residency Tips on Writing

Be selective in recommending someone with a letter. In this case, you don’t have to accept all the students who approach you to write him a LoR, but if you do, see the following for tips on how to create the most impressive letter.

pharmacy residency letter of intent examples and writing help

Things to Include in the LoR Residency

Our experts are sharing a bunch of points that they suggest mentioning (and check if your professor/coworker had mentioned them) before submitting your letter of recommendation:

  • In the letter, be able to write how long have you known this person and his capacity to work on a given tasks.
  • State his general duties and assignments and be able to highlight the accomplishments of this person in those particular work areas.
  • You should also tell how this pharmacy resident is knowledgeable of the subject matter. Tell about his competence and skills.
  • Aside from these things, you should write about his soft skills, including organizational or leadership skills. If he has demonstrated good judgment and problem solving skills, be able to write about those, too.
  • Mention if this person has creativity and resourcefulness in pharmacy.
  • You can also add in this person’s ability to work with a team when needed.
  • Mention how this person is great at communication in both oral and written.
  • To strengthen the pharmacy residency letter of recommendation service, you must also include information on how this student is great when it comes to his work attitude-dependability, commitment and integrity, among others.
  • You should also mention how this student is different from the rest of who you have worked with or you have seen in the same position. However, don’t mention or comment about or refer to another person or student’s race, color or age.
  • For future reference, make sure to keep a copy of the letter for future reference.
  • Sign the form where needed and don’t forget typing it with your letterhead on the paper.
  • Write from the reader’s view and help him come up with a good decision by highlighting some examples in your LOR.

There you have the twelve steps in writing the pharmacy residency LoR.

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December 23, 2015