Architecture Personal Statement

What Is an Architecture Personal Statement?

Congrats on your decision to devote your life to one of the most fascinating careers, architecture. You will be assuring the comfortability of homes and impressing others with functional and futuristic urban solutions. You will be walking around wearing your fancy linen shirt, holding a drawing in your hands, and making a fortune. Sounds awesome, huh? The only thing that keeps you from your bright future is an architectural statement. Not a problem! Let’s compose the essay together! The most prestigious universities require architecture personal statements along with your portfolio. An architecture grad school personal statement is meant to do one thing, to present potential students.

How to Write a Successful Architecture Personal Statement?

An architecture statement is a big deal, and there is no doubt about that. However, that is not an exam or even an interview. It is a chance for the admission committee to get to know you and make sure that your world view, goals, and values correspond with those of the university that you are applying to. If it all seems overwhelming, let’s move slowly, step by step. Shall we begin?

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  • Relax. It is not a writing contest, and you are not applying for an English literature degree. You have your portfolio and grades to show your results.
  • Do some research to learn how to prepare a successful letter of intent architecture. Trust us: you will calm yourself down by discovering what an essay really is. If the university’s requirements are quite superficial, take some time to find impeccable examples of essays. Watch out: there are a lot of low-quality texts out there. So, do not use a piece of writing as a template if it begins with a phrase, such as “since early childhood,” or is an extended version of a CV or resume.
  • Make a plan. Make a list, table, or mind map – whatever you like – which will be the base for your essay. Besides, make an additional list about how much time you are going to spend on each part of your architecture statement of purpose.
  • What Should You Include in an Architecture Personal Statement?

    An architecture personal statement is a necessary addition to the application process, not its core. Nevertheless, it cannot be left without attention. Imagine that you have planned a beautiful house, and the heating system is working awfully. The house is not going to crash, but no one would like to live there because of this only issue. An essay is your heating system, see? Tell a touching story about why you are so in love with architecture and design. Who are your design heroes? What buildings do you admire? Make the admission committee remember you because of this story. The one rule about this kind of essay is to write something new, something that the admission committee cannot get from your CV or portfolio.