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The Importance of Writing a Good Statement of Purpose

SOP. No matter whether you are applying to grad school, residency, or college, a cold chill come with these three letters. You might have fantastic scores, a remarkable CV, and outstanding recommendations. But creating an impressive Statement of Purpose is a whole new level. A good SOP requires proficient writing skills, as well as insider knowledge of what admission staff likes and dislikes. But do now worry, there is no need to make it harder than it is. Use the help of experienced writers from our statement of purpose writing service. Get enrolled to the desired Uni with the guidance of experienced and professional writers!

What is a statement of purpose?

SOP, statement of purpose, personal statement, letter of motivation – this beast has a lot of names. They might have some peculiarities (they are important, we’ll talk later about that.) One thing is solid about different kinds of SOP: you got to persuade the grumpy admission committee members that you will be a great addition to their Uni.

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What is a statement of purpose for grad school? Grad school is a serious business. Thus, your text should be more than a sob story. (Ha-ha). Focus mainly on your specific research plans and present them in detail.

What is a statement of intent? Basically, it is a more formal version of SOP. You state sharp and clear what will you achieve. Bear in mind that it can also be called a Letter of Intent.

What is a statement of purpose for a research paper? Long story short, it is a little advertisement for your research or thesis. It is aimed to interest the reader in your research, which will result in better grades.

How to write a statement of purpose?

Thus, SOP is what makes your application unique and makes the admission staff see your essay in their night dreams. Ok, that joke. But they do read these essay diligently and make a choice based on this piece of writing. Let’s beat the talking and get down to practical sop writing tips. The most important advice is to start as early as you can. It truly takes weeks of preparation and composing. Writing a statement of purpose is not a piece of cake, so don’t blame yourself if you have any difficulties. Our marvelous writers will help you to create a remarkable essay.

What are the tips for writing a statement of purpose for graduate school? Do you still keep in the head that essay for graduate school requires a deep and proficient comprehension of the subject you will research? Good boy/girl. Well, the main tip for this kind of text is to research the topic diligently. You got to show proficient knowledge about your future object of the research.

What are the peculiarities of writing a statement of purpose for PhD?

Ph.D. is a serious business. Thus, you should focus on the proficient knowledge of the subject you will research.

Structure of a statement of purpose?

The major mistake of newbies to the art of writing statement essays is to begin from the Introduction. We have an ultimate advice (by the way, it is applicable for all kids of essays). Do not write your essay, write a plan. It should be as simple as it can be. Do not stress out about how to structure a statement of purpose. Simply make a list of questions that should be answered. You don’t even need to think about questions: they can be easily found in the “essay requirements” section on the website of the Uni. What to include in a statement of purpose? Well, play a bit with all your achievements and awards, unique skills, and, of course your motivation that can be presented as a career/academic plan. You didn’t forget the “stand out” part? Good. Because you have to come up with your special skills and achievements. For example, you are bilingual. Celebrate your ethnicity than! One more tip: while talking about work experiences, do not just list your duties. Don’t you think admission staff is smart enough to get what where you worked just from the name of a position? What truly worth sharing is your accomplishments. In the bullet list make statements about what you changed while working in that institution or company. Undoubtedly, the best to present your achievements in the workplace is numbers. Nevertheless, if it is really hard to measure your contribution mathematically, tell the admission staff what new ideas you have brought and how did you implement them. That leads us to the question of how to express your skills. Do not just list random qualities like “loyal”, “reliable”, “stress-resilient”, “creative” etc. Especially, the famous cliche, that can be applied to literally everyone like “hardworking” and “highly motivated”. Big fat no to that. Instead, present your qualities by telling how did you accumulated or developed them.

A major concern is a statement of purpose end. This part is a perfect time to show how are you fascinated by the University’s project and look forward to visiting lectures of their respected professors. But do not write too cheesy. To much flattering will do no good.

What is the length of the statement of purpose? That numbers differ from 500 words to 1500 word, so research your application guidelines diligently.

How long should a statement of purpose be?

Let’s talk a bit about the statement of purpose length. How long should a statement of purpose be for grad school? We already said that you should find that answer on your University website. The main rule here is to follow the rules. If it says 3 pages 12 font, that means 3 pages 12 font. Not 3 pages font 14 or 4 and a half with font 10. How can you be a dedicated and attentive student if you can’t understand the basic requirements?

How to start a statement of purpose?

There is a theory that states that, usually, the beginning and the ending are remembered. If the ending of your statement is more formal, the Introduction is your time to shine. How to begin a statement of purpose? Think about a catchy and captivating story that can catch the reader’s attention. It can be a couple of sentences. Here you can be as creative as you want. If you are having trouble coming up with captivating stories, we have a solution. Our professionals obtain years of experience and are happy to assist you in writing and editing your essay, The sure do know thousand of ways how to start a statement of purpose for grad school. Get yourself a marvelous statement of purpose with no struggle at all!

What should a statement of purpose include?

Well, we talked a bunch about the introduction, and the ending. Let’s get down to the core of the problem! What to write in a statement of purpose?

Naturally, the first step is to diligently analyze your application guidelines diligently at the Uni webpage. Usually, the list of requirements about what topics the essay should cover is pretty basic. Nevertheless, requirements for SOP might differ, and it is better to be 100% what are your sending to the desired Uni. If all the stuff gives you both boredom and anxiety, do not mistreat yourself with worries about writing a good statement of purpose. Here is win-win deal: the guidance and assistance of professionals. You are not only getting an outstanding essay but also saving nerves and time. What to write in a statement of purpose? We obtain a massive experience and an impressive number of satisfied clients. Thus, we know a little something about what to put in a statement of purpose. Our experts have an ultimate list of what must be covered in that kind of essay.

  1. Your background and your achievements such as awards, special project and etc. Remember, emphasize only relevant education. If you are change your field of study, mention the courses you participated in that will help you to be productive in the chosen program.
  2. Your relevant work experience and achievements. Again, the key point is relevant. If you’re applying to the technical engineering program, you definitely can’t tell about your work as a receptionist in the freshman year. Unless you came up with an amazing million dollar app about office time-management. If you don’t have work experience, it is totally fine. You can tell about your achievements in projects or extracurricular activities.
  3. The skills you gained during academic education, volunteering and etc. A great way to express your skills is to show with the real examples how you utilize them to solve tasks.
  4. Your drive and ambitions for the program. Here you got to explain your purpose for graduate study. Be specific “help humanity” won’t do.
  5. Academic and career plans.
  6. A precise explanation of how the chosen program will lead you to fulfilling in the given career plans. You got to describe what you hope to achieve in this graduate program and how are you planning to utilize your knowledge.

How to conclude a statement of purpose?

The ending of your essay is not a time to relax. Remember that the start and the end are the most remembered part of a text? Thus, the conclusion of a statement of purpose is a real deal. Do not make ending a statement of purpose a repetition of your text. It is quite an official part, where you show you modest admiration to the chosen Uni and show that you are a know quantity with their professors and projects. Yes, it is hard to find the right balance when it comes to the compliments to the much desired University. Luckily, our professional writers have been dealing with that stuff for years. They do know how to smoothly end your essay.

Most popular type of statement of purpose

So, now you are an expert in SOPs. Of course, it is better to know what distinctive features have essays for your chosen field. Let’s break down the most common types of statement essays.

The most formal is the statement of purpose for graduate school. You should narrow down your academic achievement and work experience to the most relevant. Since you’re going to grad school, you are a mature adult who knows what she/he wants. Show that to the admission staff.

The aim of the statement of purpose for college application is to show that you are a dedicated and hardworking student. You might not be precisely what do you want to do in life, but you have to present yourself like an ambitious student who is eager to learn.

The statement of purpose for job application is more than just a cover letter. You got to make clear what you will contribute to the company and why exactly you will add the great value.

Statement of purpose for masters requires the demonstration of the deep commitment to the subject. Show that you are proficient and devoted professional, who is 100% about the desire to work in this field.

The most common type is a statement of purpose for university admission. Your both academic and work background should be included as well as your motivation. We are here to offer any kind of help with your university statement essay.

An academic statement of purpose is written mainly for the grad school. Here we got the same set of tools: academic background, research achievements, career and scientific goals.

We can say that is a whole other story, when it comes to the statement of purpose business school. Applicants to b-school are experience people. Some worked in the management position, some have their own business. Thus, it is really crucial to show yourself in the right way to win the b-school race.

The real piece of work is a statement of purpose for scholarship. Asking for the financial assistance takes the essay to the another level. Nevertheless, you need to convince the scholarship staff that you don’t need money. Your job it to evince that you deserve money, that you will use fully and wisely the opportunities given to you.

A real treasure is a statement of purpose for undergraduate. Due to the fact applicants, who write undergraduate essays are doing it for the first time, it might be challenging. Thus, use the guidance and assistance of professionals who will relieve you from any concerns.

A bit challenging might be an economics statement of purpose. The field is very competitive, and students, who apply are better friends with numbers than with words. Thus, the help of essay experts is much needed.

It is widely known that a statement of purpose for business management can take blood, sweat and tears. Do not let the happen! A real solution is to use the assistance of experienced and dedicated professionals from our writing service.

A statement of purpose for fellowship is truly challenging. For this little number, you got to constructively prove the aim of your research project and how the chosen program will help you to develop it.

A law school statement of purpose is the scariest one. It is not often told, but for the law school, you should make an essay as your own court defense. You should be sharp, constructive and convincing. Having any trouble coming up with powerful arguments? We are happy to help you with our experience and proficient knowledge of what precisely the admission staff wants.

Most popular questions and answers about the statement of purpose

The admission deadlines are around the corner, and you still didn’t figure out what is the deal with that personal statement and SOPs? We feel you. Let us set the record state. We are answering the most common questions about the statement of purpose. Frank and clear. Let’s get over with it once and for all.

What is the difference between personal statement and statement of purpose?

Ta-da. The battle of the century: statement of purpose vs personal statement. Let us give you a short and clear answer. It is as simple as it can be: SOP is about your future, personal statement – about you. Thus, in SOP, you are expected to be focused on the strategy of achieving the goals you presented and how the chosen program will help you to do that. In a personal statement career perspective is a great way to show that your motivation is a real thing.

What should you not write in a statement of purpose?

Let’s not beat around the bush. We are presenting an ultimate list of things to avoid in your statement of purpose.

  1. Do not use everyday vocabulary. It is no place for slang words and contractions.
  2. Do not use cliché. A big fat “NO” is statements like “since early childhood”, “I have always dreamed”. Forget it.
  3. Do not leave no enough time for editing and proofreading. It might be simple, but the majority of applicants neglect the “editing” part.
  4. Do not undersell yourself. This is not time to be modest. You have to be the brightest!

So, why choose our sop writing services?

Do not no need to overwhelm your pretty head with all these rules. Our statement of purpose writing service offers the guidance from the professional writers, who will turn your text into remarkable piece of writing. If you have any kind of concerns with your SOP feel free to use our help at the drop of a hat.