Economics Personal Statement

Applying for an Economics Degree: Things You Should Know

Do you dream of earning a degree in economics? Are you highly motivated? Has economics always been your favorite subject? We are sure that your goal is achievable, but you have to compose a decent personal statement. Mostly, this is even more essential than your grades, because this application document tells the admission tutors more about you and your background. The person who will read your personal statement will get to know what your personality is, understand your motivation, and decide whether you would be a good economics student or not.

What Is an Economics Personal Statement?

So, what is an economics personal statement? That is a reflective essay about your interest in the program and an explanation of why you are suitable for this course. It is time you expressed your personality, skills, recent experience (in case you have some), and how you would contribute to the institution you are applying to. Here you have to answer the main question: what economics means to you. It will be superb if you narrate your story and tell the admission tutors what exactly has led you to such a decision. What do you think an ideal economics student has to be? That is a person with a deep understanding of human nature, numbers, and their connection. You probably are passionate about the world and its constant change. We know that you wish to change the world in order to make it a better place, save it from poverty, and lead to luxury. Thus, write about your ambitions in a business and economics personal statement. You can also find samples that will be a great help to you in composing an economics masters personal statement.

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How to Write a Successful Economics Personal Statement?

As stated above, preparing a postgraduate economics personal statement is not an easy task, but we know how to simplify it. Firstly, write in detail about your achievements and experience. If you do not have any, you can mention your favorite subjects and what you liked to study at school. Describe your path and the skills that you have acquired when studying at school. Your economics university personal statement has to show eagerness and what you can bring to the applied department. In case you need an economics PhD personal statement, find an example on our website and learn how to compose your own! We know that you are ambitious enough, and if you have to write an LSE personal statement, look through a high-quality sample on our website, but remember that you must not copy anything from it.

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What Should You Include in an Economics Personal Statement?

If you check out business economics personal statement examples, you will see that mainly they have the same structure:

  • Introduction (in this part of personal statements economics, you are talking about your reasons and eagerness to study in this sphere)
  • The main body of any business management and economics personal statement is about achievements, experience, and personality traits pertinent to the course
  • The conclusion of an economics and finance personal statement (here you have to sum up the aforementioned information and tell about your readiness to be a student of the department)

We know that entering the university is challenging, so use this article as a guide when composing your economics and accounting personal statement.