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3 Funny Recommendation Letter Jokes to Consider

Everyone thinks a LoR has to be all serious and boring where you just explain something about a candidate. But sometimes, boring and plain letters may eventually reduce the chances of a person, especially if it is not engaging. A funny recommendation letter, for examples, a dental school recommendation letter, on the other hand, may change completely what a committee or hiring manager thinks about an applicant.

When you use letter of recommendation humor, you will be bringing more attention into it and making it more entertaining, especially if you know how to do it correctly. That’s why here we are going to help you create the best humorous letter of recommendation that will stand out from the crowd.

What Is a Letter of Recommendation and How Often People Need It

A letter of recommendation is a document that applicants or candidates for jobs, college programs, internships or residencies need for the managers and committees to revise. This document works as a way to get to know more about a person from the eyes of those who have worked, study or collaborate with him in the past.

Typically, a person will need at least two for every application to make. If that person thinks of applying to different universities, very likely will need many letters. And that means he may ask for multiple letters to many people depending on his needs. Every one to two years, someone may request a LoR for their needs.

3 Funny LoR Jokes You Can Use

When it comes to writing a funny letter of recommendation, jokes may come hard to consider. But if you know how to make a good one that not only gets a laugh out of a person who reads but also inspires a sense of positivism about the candidate. A letter of recommendation joke like the following ones can make a significant impact:

He/She Can Steal:

When talking about a candidate for a job or education program, you can start by saying that such person “can steal” and then explain exactly why (positively). Example: “When you hire Ms. Kox, you are immediately getting a person to your business roster that can steal. Yes, she can steal your heart completely, both as a worker and as a person.

Useless in Irrelevant Area

Another thing that may seem cynical but it’s actually just a joke is naming a field, area or activity in which the candidate is bad. Then, you will make the comparison on how good he is at something related to his actual career. Example: “Mark is a person who cooks chicken with fear and lets his pasta burn even at low flame. But when it comes to managing a team of workers, he performs like a master.

Exaggeration, Sarcasm & Refute

This is all about making a joke exaggerating something slightly but then refuting it. The excess and the refutation should both be fun. Example: “Mr. Yan always gave his best without hesitation. One day he worked for almost 26 hours straight, and then he called it a day. Well, not 26 hours, he just worked 8 with little extra time, but the work he did seem like the work of almost three working days and two extra hours.

What to Avoid While Writing a LoR

Even though using a sarcastic recommendation letter can outperform other letters when written correctly and with the right jokes, it won’t do well if it has faults. A few of the following errors can make your funny letter of recommendation lose quality:

  • Superlatives: Don’t exaggerate unless you are going to refute it as a joke or explain accurately. Avoid words such as “amazing,” “fantastic,” “outstanding,” “superb,” and so on.
  • Lies: Surely, you are trying to write your best letter of recommendation joke to hopefully impress the person who reads it. But don’t lie. Be sure that you’re not making the LoR look unreliable.
  • Details: Want a more engaging lor? Be succinct when writing. Include your jokes when needed but don’t go too much into details or unnecessary stories.

What Phrases to Use

Now that you know what to avoid when writing nursing school letters of recommendation, it is time to understand what phrases you can use according to the paragraph you’re writing.


  • Have no hesitation recommending…
  • Was a student in my class/Was an employee in my charge…
  • Am pleased to comment on…
  • Based on my (experience, knowledge, time, etc.) I can recommend…
  • I have known him/her for/since…


  • Can attest to his/her [soft skill] due to…
  • Hands the responsibility of [charge or activity] very well…
  • Fulfilled the job requirements completely…
  • Follows instructions without hesitation…
  • She/he is a [soft skill] person with [hard skill] ability…


  • Will surely meet your expectations/hopes…
  • Won’t disappoint in any way…
  • Will be a great addition to…
  • Can be a great asset to your…
  • Would be an essential asset in any place…

How Our Professional Service Can Help You

It seems like you’ve learned how to make a funny LoR for a dental school recommendation letter or any other type. However, you still find it difficult to write one for a colleague that stands out. Here is where we enter into the formula.

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If this article was funny, don’t hesitate and atart sharing these jokes with your friends!

Professional Help in Writing a Reference Letter for Immigration to Australia

reference letter for immigration in au writing

Why Is It Important to Have a Reference Letter for Immigration in AU?

It is obvious that reference letter for immigration to Australia is one of the compulsory documents which are required for ACS ICT skills assessment. If you understand the importance of letter of recommendation for residency, then it will be easy for you to recognize the significance of an employer letter of reference for immigration AU. Let’s try to find, why it is important to have a reference letter for immigration in AU?

This is the reference letter that portrays your excellence in the academic career and relates your knowledge with the nominated occupation on the basis of a recommendation of your mentor.

A good reference letter makes it easy for the employer or institute to judge your behaviour and performance during the previous employment and makes a decision about your hiring on the basis of recommendations of your previous employer.

Without a reference letter, you have no proof of your knowledge, skills and abilities and no one will consider your claims without recommendations of a reliable person or a company.

Difference Between Professional Reference and Character Reference

To write a winning and appealing ACS reference letter from colleague or employer, you must have a clear understanding of differentiation between the professional reference and character reference. Otherwise, you can make the serious mistakes that will lead towards the rejection of your application. So, let’s make our concepts clear about the difference between the professional reference and character reference:

Professional Reference Letter Character Reference Letter
The letter of reference from employer for immigration in AU Depicts the letter of personal reference for immigration in AU
Only previous employers are authorized to make a professional reference letter for you at the letterhead of the company Can be provided by the company, educational institute or even from your colleagues
A provider of professional reference letter only writes about your professional achievements Any person that signs your character certificate provides the guarantee about your character and habits

3 Main Features That Would Make Your Reference Letter Outstanding

Following these three main features that would make your reference letter for immigration Australia outstanding:

As a minimum, 65% of the duties provided in the employment reference must be strictly related to the designated occupation (ANZSCO).

Each employment reference must comprise the start and end dates of employment, working hours, employment status (full time or part time), employment location and valid contacts of previous and current employers.

To determine the relevancy of the experience as per designated occupation, description of performed duties must be the part of reference letter.

au example of reference letter for immigration purposereference letter for immigration sample au

Mistakes That You Should Avoid in Making Reference Letter

Some applicants think that they can easily prepare the AU job recommendation letter without the assistance of any professional help. However, when they got rejection due to not fulfilling the requirements for the standard format of reference letter established by ACS, they realize the importance of hiring professional services for writing the winning reference letter. Most of the applicants got a rejection of application due to very common mistakes that they commit while writing a letter of recommendation in AU. Following are the common mistakes that you should avoid in making the reference letter.

Most of the applicants commit while submitting the reference letter for immigration AU is asking the employers or mentors to prepare the content of reference letter. Remember! No one has time to prepare the good recommendation letters for you. You have to prepare the content at your own and ask the mentor or employer to print this content at letterhead of company or institute.
Remember, you are not writing the letter of recommendation humor. You must strictly follow all the ACS guidelines to prepare your reference letter. For example, the dates should be in DD/MM/YYYY format.
Either you are writing the recommendation letter for anesthesiology or work letter of reference for immigration AU, you should only use the company letterhead. It is not enough to prepare the content at a plain page and take the signature of the company’s authorized person. Such type of reference letters is simply rejected at a first glance.


ACS or “Australian Computer Society” is an Australian association for ICT (Information and Communications Technology) professionals with more than 26,000 members. The objects of ACS are promoting Australian ACT resources and professional excellence in information technology. For Australian immigration, you have to fulfil the ACS ICT skills assessment criteria. According to ACS ICT skills assessment, your educational qualifications and work experience should meet the professional ICT level requirements and must be closely allied with the nominated occupation “ANZSCO”. In this process, your academic record is firstly assessed by using Australian national education standards to determine the AQF comparability. After this, your relevant work experience is assessed to meet the suitability criteria of ACS ICT.

List of Required Documents for ACS Letter

  • 1st page of Passport or Birth Certificate
  • Degree or certificate and transcript
  • A letter of degree completion will also be accepted for Australian qualifications only.
  • Letter of reference from the employer for immigration in AU
  • Letter of personal reference for immigration in AU
  • ACS Recognition of Prior Learning Forms for applicants of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).
  • Resume/Curriculum Vitae

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Discover How to Write a Reference Letter for Immigration UK

letter of reference for immigration in UK writing help

What Is the Purpose of Writing a Letter of Reference for Immigration UK?

Anyone who wants the UK immigration needs lots of documents to submit in the UK immigration department and letter of reference for immigration in the UK is one these documents. For such purpose you may apply to the recommendation letter writing service. Like every document, there is a specific purpose for writing a letter of recommendation for immigration UK. Let’s unveil the secrets of this purpose:

  • Letter of reference is basically a personal letter for immigration UK that reveals the secrets of the applicant in terms of knowledge, skills and abilities.
  • Only claiming the expertise in a particular field at own is not good enough to convince the reader that this statement of the writer is true. Obviously, everyone presents himself in the best possible way. So, letter of reference provides the proof of a candidate’s expertise on behalf of a well-known and respected person.
  • Reference letter for immigration UK can also be claimed as a guarantee letter about letter holder person that is written from a person, who knows the letter holder very well and have a recognized position in the society.
  • Another key purpose of writing the UK letter of recommendation or cover letter for UK general visitor visa is convincing the authorities of the immigration department about the suitability of candidate both in terms of qualification and professional experience.

5 Tips to Include in Your Letter of Character Reference for Immigration UK

Either you need to write the St. Elizabeth family medicine residency letter or the letter of character reference for immigration UK, you can only meet the objective of convincing the concerned authorities if you write the content of letter exactly according to the expectations of readers. Following are five exclusive tips to include in your letter of character reference for immigration UK;


Don’t forget to write the date at the top of migration letter residency to UK or for the reference letter for immigration to Australia.


You should start your letter of character reference from the introduction of a person who is writing the letter as well as the introduction of a candidate for which this letter of character reference is being written.

Main body

In the main body of reference letter, you should describe the character, knowledge, skills and abilities of an applicant and try to relate all the attributes of a candidate with the required criteria of UK immigration department.


The conclusion should consist of heartfelt recommendations from the writer of letter with a substantial note that applicant will be a useful resident of UK.

Recommended format

The format of letter of recommendation for employment should be in accordance with standard guidelines that are determined by the UK immigration department and there should be no variation in the format of letter.

2 Good Samples of Letter of Character Reference for Immigration

Reading the best recommendation letters could be a great source of inspiration for you about how to write a good letter of character reference for immigration. Following these two types of a good sample of personal reference letter for immigration purposes in UK:

sample of personal reference letter for immigration purposes in ukuk character reference letter for immigration purposes

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Info That Would Amaze You in Writing Letter of Recommendation for Immigration NZ

writing reference letter for immigration in nz help

Reference Letter: What Is It?

Letter of recommendation is also called a reference letter. It is a formal document, which is written to recommend a particular person, for a specific job. If you are writing letter of recommendation for immigration NZ, it should state you as a suitable person who can be a valuable addition to the country. Recommendation letter mentions your specific abilities, regarding you job experience or personal abilities. The content of the letter depends on the purpose of letter. The best recommendation letter is the one, which is relevant to its purpose. If you are confused about the content, you can hire a letter of recommendation service. The professional writers can write it in true perspective.

The Usage of Letter of Recommendation

Letter of recommendation or reference letter can be used at a number of places. Like:

  • To get a new job
  • For immigration purpose
  • For admission in grad school
  • To get a bank loan
  • To participate in any volunteer work
  • To get new home

In short, it can be used at all the place, when you have to prove that you are eligible for this particular thing. Recommendation letter service will ask the reason, before writing your letter.

Things to Avoid in Writing Letter of Recommendation for Immigration

You can see examples of letter of recommendation for immigration purpose in NZ. They will give you an idea about the content and the format. However, there are few things, which you must avoid when writing letter of recommendation.

Irrelevant information

The character letter for migration NZ or a letter of reference for immigration in UK should contain the relevant information only, which is useful for the visa officers. Writing irrelevant details is of no use. It’s an official letter, which should be specific.

Improper format

Letter of recommendation for immigration format in NZ must be followed. A long letter with the colourful font is not acceptable. Write a comprehensive letter, which should not be more than a page. Use the font, which is easy to read, Arial and Times New Roman are preferred for official letters.

Use of templates

A lot of samples are templates are available on the internet. Applicants find it really easy to use them. However, the use of them must be avoided. Visa officers are well aware of these templates and font and they don’t like them. Original content is always preferred. It’s better to write your own content. So, select a letter of reference service carefully, if you want to avoid such mistakes.

Good Examples of Letter of Recommendation for Immigration Purposes in Nz

NZ example of a letter of recommendation for immigration can really help you to know the content and writing style. Here is an example, that may interest you.

examples of letter of recommendation for immigration purposes in nz

To Whom It May Concern

I am submitting this letter to support Martha John’s application for Immigration New Zealand.

My name is William George, I am a permanent citizen in New Zealand and work in Railway department here. I have known Martha, from last three years, since she started living next door.

During this period, I have found her a kind and hardworking lady. She is very famous in our local community and everyone respects her. She helps everyone, particularly elderly neighbours. Sometimes she shovels driveways of all the neighbours, in winters.

If her application of immigration will be approved, she will continue to help the local community, for sure. I strongly recommend her and request, to accept her application.Please, feel free to contact, if you have any further questions.

William George

nz example of a letter of recommendation for immigration

Main Included Info That Will Make Your Letter of Recommendation for Immigration Successful

You have to be very clear about what to write in a letter of recommendation for immigration to NZ. The information, which can make your letter useful is some solid grounds that the person you are recommending is actually useful for the community and the country. You have to think about some powerful reasons, which makes the applicant an ideal person for immigration. Moreover, you have to provide the exact time, for which you have known the person. It will help the visa officer to understand that how closely you have known him, and you can be a source to get the exact information about the applicant. When you are writing, you have to keep in mind that you are writing reference letter for immigration status NZ.

What Do You Get from Our Professional Service?

New Zealand reference letter aims to help you to get the status of legal immigrant. A bad letter can ruin your chances, so it’s better to hire professional service. We can write your character letter for immigration NZ and the best recommendation letter.

  • We have professional writers, who are well aware of visa and immigration requirements. They can also write immigration letter of support New Zealand.
  • Our team of writers know the content details and formatting requirements, which enhances the chances of getting immigration, successfully.
  • We can fulfil the aims of a letter for immigration in New Zealand successfully.
  • We offer quality services at an affordable price. We also guarantee, confidentiality, originality and on time delivery.

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Important Info in Writing a Letter of Reference for Immigration in Canada

letter of reference for immigration in canada writing

What to Include in Your Reference Letter of Immigration in Canada

Letter of reference for immigration in Canada is a very important document. A good letter of reference can help in further processing and a bad one can become a cause of rejection of your application. Basically, purpose of writing a letter of recommendation is to provide evidence about your job experience. If you are applying for Canadian immigration, you have to mention about your skilled class. It can be A, B or O. Skilled class depends on your occupation and the experience. For instance, MBA recommendation letter will be different from the engineering letter.

A letter of recommendation writing must include this information clearly. If you are confused about the content, you can also hire recommendation letter service. The professionals know what should be included in your recommendation letter according to your qualification and experience.

Reference letter for immigration should include the job positions you held in a company. Clearly mention your designations. If you were working in different positions, in the same company, you have to mention all the positions separately. You have to mention the starting and ending dates for each position and the number of working hours per week. You may also require mentioning your salary and other benefits, relevant to each job. Sample letter of reference for Canada immigration can help you to know the content.

sample letter of reference for canada immigration

How Your Ideal Letter of Reference for Immigration Should Look Like?

Reference letter for immigration to Canada is a formal document. You have to provide sufficient information not only about yourself but about your employers as well. An ideal letter of recommendation writing should have the following elements:

  • It should be written on the letterhead of the company for which you have worked or working.
  • It should be a signature of your supervisor or chairperson. The name and designation of the person should also be mentioned with signature.
  • Contact information about the company should be included.
  • It should have an official stamp of the company.
  • Additionally, you can attach the business card of the signatory authority with it. It will make it more authentic and powerful.
  • Include the above-mentioned information regarding your job title, dates of employment, salary per week, average hours per week and the detail of employment duties. Writing a letter of recommendation for immigration Canada this way can make it an ideal letter for recommendation.

Where and How You Can Use Reference Letter for Immigration to Canada?

When you are writing a reference letter to immigration Canada, you have to write it carefully. It is a compulsory document when you apply for any kind of immigration. You can use it for your benefit when you apply for immigration. It shows your experience at different positions, and an experienced worker is in high demand, in country like Canada.

As far as how to use is concerned, it should be compulsory part of your file, right from the beginning. With strong writing a letter of recommendation, the immigration officer will have no excuse to reject your file. Writing a character reference letter for immigration Canada is not an ordinary task, it’s really important.

3 Mistakes That You Have to Avoid for Sure

People have no idea about the content of the reference letter. That is why mistakes are very common. However, some mistakes you surely have to avoid. Here we are mentioning them while making letter of relocation Canada.

Use technical language

Every industry and occupation have its own technical language and trade words and terminologies. If you see samples, you will notice that they are written in simple language. You have to do the same. People write reference letters in technical language, but visa officers may not be from your industry. These words will be unknown to them and the letter will lose its effectiveness. So, it’s better to use simple language.

Crafted letters

A skilled level is determined by job duties. Sometimes job duties are mentioned in such a way that they meet the NOC requirements exactly. In this case, the reference letter looks a crafted letter and visa officers reject that, at once. Don’t make this mistake. The reference letter should look natural and original.

Mentioning details which can’t be verified

Sometimes applicants mention something, which can’t be verified. The visa officers verify each and every detail, either through phone calls or by other means. So, adding something, which cannot be verified is a big mistake.

Benefits of Using Our Expert Service

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  • We understand the importance of confidentiality. All the personal and professional data of our clients is kept secure.
  • If clients are not satisfied, we can revise the documents. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

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Writing an Outstanding Letter of Recommendation Psychiatry Residency with Sample

letter of recommendation psychiatry residency writing help

Having a great letter of recommendation psychiatry residency is important when it comes to applying for residency in your desired institution of choice. Unfortunately for many, it can be quite difficult to determine how to go about writing a letter of recommendation for pharmacy school. One of the reasons why is because so many people find it difficult to figure out the best technique to go about crafting their recommendation letter.

Additionally, very few people looking to apply for psychiatry residency have limited experience as well as exposure when it comes to this aspect of writing. Moreover, they have not been given the opportunity to sample other recommendation letter and figure out the structure of writing that they are supposed to adopt. With this in mind, we will be analyzing how you can go about writing a psychiatry residency letter of recommendation, and all the subtle particulars that you need to adhere to.

What Do You Need to Know before Writing a Letter of Recommendation Psychiatry Residency?

As you know, a sample letter of recommendation for psychiatry residency is a special type of essay that you have to write for a colleague, friend, or individual who has selected you as a reference, and would like you to describe what he or she is all about, their strength and weaknesses, as well as why you endorse them as a perfect fit for residency. In fact, a large number of medical institutions and universities look at recommendation letters as one of the factors to determine what students and individuals are qualified for residency, and here our letter of recommendation writing service can help you. That being said, before you start writing a recommendation letter for an individual, here are some things that you need to address before you ease yourself into the writing process.

  • sample letter of recommendation for psychiatry residencyWhy your colleague is interested in a residency in psychiatry? There’s nothing more convincing to the recruitment team of a particular institution to determine the reasons as to why your friend or colleague is applying to the institution in question. Whatever the reason may be, ensure that you have mentioned it while endorsing his or her skills and that their passion can be sensed immediately from the recommendation letter.
  • Does your colleague have individuals that inspired him or her to apply for residency? Because you have interacted with your colleague or friend before, perhaps there is a certain physician or medical doctor that they admire. If indeed, there is, you can briefly mention their relationship with him or her, and how your colleague would one day like to follow in their footsteps.
  • Did your colleague face any kind of misfortune that pushed them to have a desire to do psychiatry? Perhaps there is some sort of adversity that your colleague shared with you. If you have gotten consent from them to share about it, don’t hesitate to do so. As a matter of fact, it will help the recruitment team resonate with your friend or colleague on a deeper level and increase their chances of selecting him or her to join for residency.
  • Mention the specifics of psychiatry that your colleague is interested in. As you know, psychiatry is a large field of study. With this in mind, ensure that you have mentioned the particular facet of psychiatry that your colleague is interested in and why they would like to pursue the career further. Additionally, this will help the recruitment team understand why the particular individual is interested in the study in question.

What Are Some of the Most Common Questions That Individuals Have about Writing a Professional Recommendation Letter for Colleague?

Before beginning to write a recommendation letter for residency for a friend or colleague, it’s a given that there are certain questions that you have regarding the whole writing process. With this in mind, here is a list of some of the most common queries that you might have regarding the writing process and some credible answers to satiate your curiosity. Indeed, these are what residency directors look for in letter of recommendation psychiatry:

  • What is the main reason for your colleague selecting a psychiatry residency? In the opening parts of the recommendation letter, it’s important to inform the recruitment auditor the reasons as to why your colleague developed an interest in the residency. For starters, it could be that they were inspired by a role model, have a keen interest as a result of a personal experience, or it’s a dream that they’ve been looking to pursue for a very long time.
  • What makes you feel that your colleague will be brilliant in psychiatry? There could be a number of reasons as to why your colleague could be great in psychiatry and why they have decided to pursue it further. That being said, you can mention the reasons as to why and in the process, showcase their skills and objectives and let the recruitment auditor know that he or she is making the most informed decision by choosing to go with your colleague.
  • What is your colleague looking to learn with the residency? There could be a number of things that your colleague could learn from the residency. One of them could be that they would like to increase their team building and teamwork skills or develop skills that could help them understand the psychology of individuals, or looking to get more lucrative opportunities in the future.
  • How do they see themselves handling that particular career? As soon as they have completed their residency, what plans do they have for themselves going into the future? Moreover, what would they like to do with all the skills and knowledge that they learn from getting good at psychiatry?

Indeed, whatever the case may be, ensure to highlight it in the recommendation letter that you are writing for your friend or colleague.

psychiatry residency letter of recommendation writing service

How to Go about Writing the Perfect Psychiatry Residency Letter of Recommendation

Now that you have determined all the subtle queries that you might have regarding writing a recommendation letter for your colleague, how do you go about writing the perfect one? Here are some of the most essential steps that you can employ when writing the recommendation letter in question.

Allocate the time to write the recommendation letter

One of the biggest mistakes that most people make when writing a recommendation letter for a friend or colleague is that they rush through the whole writing process as if they have no interest whatsoever in doing it. Unfortunately, this not only limits your creative juices but also makes you highly susceptible to crafting a generic recommendation letter that might have borrowed a lot of content from another recommendation letter that you might have found online.

So it doesn’t matter how many letters of recommendation for psychiatry residency that you write, what matters is that they have to be perfect. What you might not be aware of is that a large number of these medical institutions always check application documents for any whiff of plagiarism and when they do so, reject the application in question. That being said, ensure to allocate enough time to write the recommendation letter to give it the kind of attention and creativity that it needs.

Understand the audience that you are targeting

The most difficult part of writing any sample letter of recommendation for psychiatry residency application is understanding the recruitment team that will be scrutinizing your friend’s application letter. It doesn’t matter the kind of experience that one has, but beginning with at least a few sentences down will enable you to get a flow in your writing and eventually come up with a great recommendation letter.

Create a rough draft

As you struggle to have words on paper, chances are high that you will create a rough draft of the recommendation letter. Once you have begun with this draft, you will be able to determine the length of the recommendation letter, as well as rectify any areas that might require rectification in the future.

best letter of recommendation psychiatry residency

Edit the content

Once you have completed writing the content, the second step is to ensure that your recommendation letter for a friend or colleague is perfect. Indeed, don’t forget to highlight the reasons why your colleague is applying for psychiatry residency and what goals and objectives he or she plans to achieve once they land the position.

Ensure the conclusion and the introductory paragraph has a similar flow

It is vital that the recommendation letter has a flow to it. That being said, while writing the recommendation letter, ensure that a similar flow is maintained from the introduction to the body, all the way down to the conclusion.

Last but not least, proofread the content

Once you have finished writing the recommendation letter, ensure that you have proofread it to eliminate any grammatical errors, as well as errors in syntax that might have arisen as you wrote the content in question. This not only shows the high level of professionalism that you have but also shows that you are a credible source of reference for your colleague who is applying for psychiatry residency. Additionally, ensure that you have both the ERAS application as well as the USMLE registration completed prior to applying for psychiatry residency.

What Are Some of the Most Common Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a Recommendation Letter of Psychiatry Residency?

Keeping this in mind, here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid when writing the recommendation letter for psychiatry for your friend or colleague.

  • Praising your colleague too much. It’s great to highlight the professionalism as well as medical school performance of your colleague, but don’t take it over the top. We’re talking about making your colleague sound like some superhero in the office. That being said, keep it simple when highlighting some of the strengths that your colleague has.
  • Don’t romanticize the recommendation letter. While it might be good to invoke compassion and interest in the recruitment team with the letter of recommendation for pharmacy school, don’t get ahead of yourself by overdoing it. As a rule of thumb, you should keep the recommendation letter as simple as possible in terms of the language, as well as discussing the strengths of your friend/colleague.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Selecting Our LoR Service?

With this in mind, here are some of the most thrilling benefits of selecting our recommendation letter for a coworker writing service:

  • Getting unlimited revisions. Perhaps there are some sections of your recommendation letter that you feel do not meet the standards that you had initially set in place. Fortunately, once you place an order with us, we provide you with the option of requesting as many revisions as you would like until the content is up to the standards that you had requested.
  • Receiving quality content. Moreover, we guarantee all our clients with our quality assurance standards that they will receive content of the highest quality. That’s because the writers that we employ have credible backgrounds when it comes to crafting recommendation letters.
  • Free editing and proofreading. We also provide our clients free editing and proofreading with every order they place with our recommendation letter writing service for psychiatry residency
  • Affordable Prices. Are you worried that you will have to spend a fortune just to get a great recommendation letter for a friend or colleague? Thankfully, our personal letter of recommendation service provides you with pocket-friendly prices to ensure that you don’t overspend on any order that you place with us.
  • 24/7 customer support. Do you have any pending question or queries regarding the order that you have just placed? Indeed, our recommendation letter writing for psychiatry residency ensures that you all your answers regarding the status of your order are handled promptly. So that you don’t have to wait anxiously wondering whether the recommendation letter is perfect or not.
  • No hidden charges. Additionally, our service has no hidden charges in terms of the amount of money that you will pay for every order that you get. Every billing is precise with no extra costs.
  • Secure payments. Last but not least, we provide our clients with secure online payment option which you may select on the billing page after you fill out the order form.

Thanks to our LoR service you can now get a comprehensive letter of recommendation psychiatry residency without breaking a sweat. So feel free to get in touch with us today!

How Does a Professional Recommendation Letter for a Colleague Look Like?

writing professional recommendation letter for a colleague

A professional recommendation letter for a colleague is extremely important. It is what the recruitment team uses to differentiate the cream of the crop during the application process for a certain job or position. Not only does a colleague letter of recommendation articulate to the recruitment team the reasons for hiring you, but also provides you with a window of opportunity to showcase who you are. Unfortunately for most, they have no idea when it comes to writing a letter of reference for a colleague.

Which is sad because not being able to craft one puts you at a great disadvantage as compared to an applicant whose is blessed with writing prowess and hence can craft a professional letter seamlessly. Do you happen to have a problem drafting a recommendation letter for a coworker sample? Or do you happen to know a colleague or friend who is looking to submit their application for a different job position but does not know how to navigate this issue? If that’s the case, then our professional recommendation letter writing service can assist you to have a great recommendation letter for your application in no time!

What Does a Professional Recommendation Letter for a Colleague Need to Have?

That being said, here are some of the things that you need to adhere to how to write a recommendation letter for a coworker.

  • A great introduction. What’s a professional letter without a killer introduction? Basically gibberish. That’s because the introduction is what will captivate a member of the recruitment team that is having a look at your recommendation letter. An attractive introduction should include a little about yourself and some pleasantries about why you are applying for the given opening.
  • A decisive body. The body of your recommendation should clearly explain why you’re a great fit for the given position. In simple terms. You’ll be arguing your case here. Indeed, some of the things that you will need to address are why you think you’re a great fit for the given position, some of the qualifications that make you surpass other applicants, and how you can integrate yourself comfortably to the working system of the company in question.
  • A conclusion that leaves a connection. Generic conclusions are so boring that honestly, most recruiters just skim through them sans a care in the world! If you would like to be different, you can add a bit of humor albeit from a professional standpoint to leave them having a refreshing feeling with your application. Indeed, the ball is in your court.

What If You Are Writing a Recommendation Letter for a Friend or a Colleague?

In the event that you are writing a recommendation letter for one of your buddies at the office because unfortunately, pen to paper isn’t their forte, then you’ll follow more or less the aforementioned instructions on what to write in a recommendation letter for a colleague. With this in mind, here are some of the extra nitty-gritty features to include:

  • Make sure you adhere to an official format. Having an official format is extremely important. There is usually a standard official format that most professional firms use. Nevertheless, there are some recruiters out there who will specify their own professional formatting instructions just as a test to determine whether or not you follow instructions.
  • Ensure to mention their achievements. Demonstrating achieves in the professional recommendation letter is one sure way of ensuring the limelight is directed at your colleague. For starters, it’s recommended that you confirm the candidate’s qualifications. If they are industrious, organized, demonstrate exuberance with every task that they handle, then these are desirable traits that are worth mentioning in the recommendation letter for my colleague. Additionally, if they have any past achievements that have accolades or certificates, ensure to highlight this as well, and instruct them to attach a copy of these accolades to demonstrate their skillfulness.
  • Keep it short and simple. Last but not least, it’s great to keep it brief albeit holding a lot of weight at the same time when writing a letter of recommendation. Be concise with your points, ensuring that you drive to exactly what your goals are and how you can be beneficial to the institution that is being applied to.

How Can You Make Your Friend’s Letter of Recommendation Stand Out?

Considering that you are crafting a letter of recommendation for one of your colleagues, you can also employ some helpful tips and tricks to ensure that the message is received by the recruitment team regarding your colleague being the best fit for the job. Here are a couple of tactics that you can employ.

  • Use some humor. You can use humor, though it should be of the subtle kind and don’t use it all over the recommendation letter. Instead, you should use it only when you have to
  • Praise your colleague. There’s nothing better than praising your colleague’s intellect and skills. This will let the potential employer know that selecting him or her is making the right decision and hence shortlist him or her when it comes to hiring an individual.
  • Be flexible. Last but not least, not only should you be simple with your recommendation letter, but flexible with it as well. That is, it should include various facets of letter writing that make a recommendation letter attractive and unique. If possible, do all you can to avoid generic content like most professional recommendation letters are written hastily by other applicants. Ensure yours is the one that stands out.

What to Do If You Can’t Write a Positive LoR?

Indeed, if you’re finding it difficult to write positive immigration recommendation letters for colleague, perhaps you need to take a step back and assess some of the strengths that your colleague has. For example, are they good at their job and always there to back you up in case of a difficult situation? Or perhaps they are a fast worker and are able to finish even the most complex of tasks in a short amount of time.

colleague letter of recommendation writing service

In truth, it’s pretty easy to find some positive feedback about your friend and incorporate it in the LoR. That being said, you can also request the services of a professional LoR service writing such as ourselves to assist you in crafting the ideal recommendation letter for your colleague or friend at the office.

What Are the Benefits of Using Our Service?

Indeed, here are some of the amazing benefits you are bound to experience once you make the choice of contracting us for recommendation letter writing;

  • Unlimited Revisions. If you feel there are some facets of the letter of recommendation that you are not content with, we provide you with the ability to request as many revisions as you would like until the content meets the criteria that you had initially put in place during the hiring process.
  • Quality content. Additionally, we ensure to provide you with quality assurance in the content that we provide to you. One of the reasons why is because the writers we employ to write the recommendation letter are native English speakers with the experience to write recommendation letters.
  • Free Proofreading and Editing. Additionally, once you place an order with us for a letter of recommendation for graduate school, we provide you with proofreading and editing free of charge to ensure the final deliverable meets all your expectations and is of the highest quality.
  • Affordable Prices. We also provide you with affordable prices, pocket-friendly to every individual regardless of the status of their job or the one that they are applying to.
  • 24/7 customer support. Do you have any queries regarding the current order that you have placed? Well, thanks to our customer support team, they will be available 24/7 to handle any queries that you might have regarding your order, and handle all these questions effectively. Additionally, you will also have the opportunity to converse with the support team regarding any rectifications that you would like to be made with the order you received.
  • No hidden charges. Our Company has no hidden charges. Hence, you won’t have to worry about any issues regarding the amount of money that you will be paying for each order. The total amount that you are billed is what you will pay down to the last penny.
  • Safe and secure payment options. We provide our clients with secure payment options to guarantee that their money is safe as you make a payment for the order that you would like to receive.
  • Protection of personal information from third-party sites. Additionally, we provide our clients with safe and secure systems of information revelation to ensure that their personal info, or any other info for that matter, is not revealed to third-party affiliate sites.

In case, you would like more information on how to write a professional recommendation letter for a colleague, contact our customer support team, or send us an email!

Writing Guide for Different Immigration Recommendation Letters

immigration recommendation letters writing serviceWe all aspire to live a better life, especially if you’ve been born in a developing country whereby some of the most basic amenities are so hard to come by. Over the years, the western world has seen a surge of immigrants looking for greener pastures and a better life for their families. And at the core of this dream is the application process; more specifically, writing effective immigration recommendation letters which you can do so with writing LoR service.

Initially, the hope for the American Dream had pitted the United States as the most popular country for immigrants to relocate and start their lives afresh. However, with rising racial tensions, a more conservative government, and stricter policies being put in place, immigrants have started turning their attention elsewhere to more favorable countries of destination. Some of these countries that are now gaining popularity include Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, and New Zealand.

Why Do Immigrants Move to Western Countries?

There is a number of benefits of moving from the developing world to the developed world. Keeping this in mind, here are some of the benefits that you are bound to experience.

  • examples of immigration recommendation lettersA mature democratic system. Most of the countries deemed as the western world has a highly sophisticated and developed democracy system. This enables power to be distributed effectively among various facets of the government. Additionally, power is given directly to the people to elect their leaders and representatives in government meetings. Such a democratic system forces leaders to be more responsible with their actions and to put the interest of the people first. In fact, you will find that it is nearly impossible for leaders in developed countries to abuse their power as they can easily be impeached and replaced by a competent individual. The same cannot be said in developing countries where leaders abuse their power and silence anyone who tries to oppose their right to rule.
  • Peace and freedom. As a result of having a mature democratic system, countries in the west tend to be more civil in leadership roles. This minimizes issues of corruption and abuse of power. In the end, no political divide will feel as if it is being undermined. When all parties in the political sphere are confident of the democratic structures put in place, they tend to be freer with their speech and less likely to resort to violence to solve a particular crisis or situation.
  • Quality education. The western world has some of the best learning institutions in the world. This enables hundreds and thousands of individuals to gain the necessary skills, knowledge and thought the process to become productive individuals in society. Additionally, a thriving economy gives these individuals the opportunity to earn a decent living and to make a great life for themselves.
  • Quality healthcare and nutrition. Last but not least, countries such as Canada have some of the best and most affordable healthcare systems in the world. It is such a setup that allows individuals to live longer, and more productive lifestyles as compared to their homeland countries.

help in writing a letter for immigration recommendation

Why Is It Important Writing a Letter for Immigration Recommendation?

A recommendation letter is vital to the country that you’re immigrating to because it lets them know what your intent and purposes for immigration are. Bear in mind that not all potential immigrants come in search of a better lifestyle. Some have underhand aspirations which could be dangerous to the citizens and individuals of a particular country. Keeping this in mind, here are some of the reasons why recommendation letters are extremely important.

  • To show intent and purpose. One of the reasons why writing a letter for immigration recommendation is vital is because the country that you’re applying to needs to know your purpose. Are you seeking asylum, looking for a work permit, or looking to come as a part-time student? As you are aware, there are different levels of immigration that you could be applying to depend on your current predicament.
  • To prove the relationship. Additionally, you could be applying as a dependent to one or more individuals that have already gotten citizenship to the country that you aspire to go to. If this is the case, then your recommendation letter is one of the areas where you can iron this out and let the immigration department know your current status.
  • To confirm an employment opportunity. So you happen to be an international hire and just got the green light for a job opportunity in another country. If that’s the case, then you’ll need to confirm this in your immigration recommendation letter from employer to let the immigration department know that you have been contracted and require a work permit.

The great thing about such an opportunity is that individuals going to work are given a much higher priority as compared to individuals who are not obtaining immigration based on a work permit.

How Do You Go about Writing an Immigration Recommendation Letter for a Family Member?

Here are some of the ways you can prepare writing a recommendation letter for immigration if you are a potential individual who should write letters of recommendation for immigration. Also, check how to write letter of recommendation to know more about it.

  • First things first, you need to understand the kind of immigration process that you are targeting. There are different types of immigration options depending on what you are targeting. For example, if you are applying for citizenship, then you will have to gear your recommendation letter towards such a cause. Additionally, if you’re applying on the basis of refugee status, then it would be great for you to gear your services towards such a cause. Additionally, if you’re applying for a student or tourist visa, then your immigration recommendation letter should be geared towards such a cause. That being said, you should do credible background research on the type of immigration that you’re targeting first before applying to it.
  • Have a discussion with the requestor. Your requestor is one of the government officials that you are assigned to when you’re making an application to the immigration department of your choice. That being said, before writing your recommendation letter, you should communicate with your requestor to determine all the requirements and necessities that are required in your recommendation letter. Additionally, you should make it a point to gather as much information as you can from your requestor before applying to your job of choice.
  • Have a look at samples online. Last but not least, as a letter applicant, you should check out examples of immigration recommendation letters online regarding the specific type of immigration status that you are applying for. In fact, there are plenty of detailed examples to which you can determine how to go about your recommendation letter. Additionally, by having a look at some of these recommendation letters, you can avoid some of the common mistakes that individuals make with these letters such as spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and the wrong use of phrases and sentence structures.

How to Structure an Immigration Letter

Here are vital tips on how you can structure your immigration recommendation letter for a family member and what is required


Just like other recommendation letters, your letter needs to begin with an introduction, body, and conclusion. In the introduction, you can introduce yourself and talk about certain specifics regarding your background.


When it comes to the body, here’s where you can begin discussing all the particulars as to why you are applying for immigration in the first place. For starters, you can argue out the credible reasons for your application, your moral character, and why you deserve a status of citizenship


Last but not least, the conclusion is where you sign off after stating your reasons for the application. Ensure to be professional in your sign off and you can live simple remarks such as looking forward to the department’s response.

Some of the Most Common Cases Whereby an Immigration Letter Is Required

That being said, you can have a look at some of the most frequent instances in which an immigration letter for a friend is required.

  • Canada. Being that Canada is the world’s most popular immigration destination, writing a superb immigration recommendation letter requirements is of utmost importance. In fact, did you know that one out of every five Canadians is an immigrant? Indeed, the country accepts up to 300,000 immigrants every year. Keeping this in mind, you should gear your recommendation letter to improve your results.
  • USA. If you plan to immigrate to the United States, you should be keener because the country currently has some of the strictest immigration policies after the Trump administration took office. Evidently, the country is looking for skilled immigrants who are able to provide high-end services to the economy. That being said, it shouldn’t deter you from making an application geared to convincing them to accept your immigration status.
  • New Zealand. New Zealand is one of the greatest countries in terms of standard of living, primarily because the country has one of the most stable economies in the continent of Oceania. Indeed, you can make an application for immigration, but make sure you have a great reference letter for immigration to ensure that you improve your chances of approval.
  • Australia. Australia is one of the most developed countries in the world with high minimum wages for labor workers as well as professional workers, see more about professional recommendation letter for a colleague. Additionally, the country is known internationally as having one of the best education systems in the world.
  • United Kingdom. Over the years, the United Kingdom has had one of the greatest numbers of immigrants thanks to its highly developed education system, healthcare, and wealth. That being said, since its subsequent exit from the European Union, the country has become relatively stricter with its immigration policies. Which means that you should be focused and pay attention to detail when writing your recommendation letter.

writing immigration recommendation letter for a family member

Types of Visas That You Require for Specific Recommendation Letters

Here are the different types of visas that you can get after writing an immigration recommendation letter for a friend.

  • Non-Immigrant Visas. A non-immigrant visa is one whereby you move to a country for purposes of work, tourist visit, or educational purposes. Individuals that apply for a non- immigrant visa need to gear their recommendation letters according to their specific purpose of moving to the specific country.
  • Immigrant Visas. As for an immigrant visa, you could either be applying as a refugee or as an individual looking for citizenship for a better lifestyle. That being said, you have the option to argue out reasons for your application in the recommendation letter and why you feel you can capitalize on the opportunity to gain citizenship to the country of choice.

How Can Our Services Help with Your Immigration Letter?

That being said, here are some of the ways in which our services can assist with your visa.

  • Quality writing. One of the features of your immigration application is that it needs to have great MBA recommendation letters to improve your chances of successful admission. That being said, when you get in touch with our service, you can ensure successful admission thanks to the quality writing service that we provide to every individual that gets in touch with us.
  • Unlimited revisions. If you’re not satisfied with the letter of recommendation for employment that we first deliver to you, you have the opportunity to request as many revisions as you would like to request. This way, you can ensure that the final product is up to par with what you had expected to have for your application process.
  • Affordable services. Additionally, we provide our writing services at an affordable price to enable you to get your most ideal recommendation letter without causing a dent in your wallet.

That being said, if you’d like to get a comprehensive recommendation letter for immigration today, as well as how to write a letter of recommendation simply get in touch with our immigration recommendation letters services.

Letter of Recommendation in Facts and Numbers

Are you looking to write a letter of recommendation? If so, check out this post of a letter of recommendation in facts and numbers to tell you about the basic steps as well as the worst mistakes in writing one. Also, see the list of top schools, their acceptance rates and the LORs they receive.
Letter of Recommendation in Facts and Numbers

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There is a little statistics of the letter of recommendation in facts and numbers for you to know:

  • Yale University has an acceptance rate of 8 percent and 5270 letter of recommendation numbers.
  • Harvard Law School has an acceptance rate of 16% and 10585 LOR numbers.
  • Stanford Law School has a 10% acceptance rate and a number of LOR 7434.
  • Chicago Law School has a 20% acceptance rate and LOR number of 9060.
  • Columbia Law School has an 18% acceptance rate and LOR number of 12531.
  • NYU Law has an acceptance rate of 28% and LOR number of 11686.
  • Penn Law has an acceptance rate of 16% and LOR number of 10419.
  • University of Virginia School of Law has an acceptance rate of 15% and 11771 LOR numbers.
  • Berkeley University of California has an acceptance of 12% and 10479 LOR numbers.
  • University of Michigan Law School has an acceptance rate of 24% and LOR numbers of 10770.

Nine Steps to Impressive Letter of Recommendation Writing

  • Use a standard formal letter writing rules to start.
  • Open with a short and enthusiastic introduction.
  • Describe how you know the person you are writing a dermatology residency letter of recommendation for.
  • Be specific about the applicant’s qualifications and successes.
  • Make use of comparisons in illustrating his success.
  • Do not exaggerate but show where and how the applicant can improve.
  • Keep the writing action-oriented.
  • Close the LOR affirmatively.
  • Use a standard business format for the closing and then sign your name.

Feel this is too much for you? Perhaps it’s high time you asked a professional letter of reference writing service for help!

10 Common Mistakes When Writing a LOR

  • Weak introduction
  • Failing to address the interviewer personally
  • Too short cover letter
  • Sounding too generic
  • Underselling talents and skills
  • Exerting too much effort in sounding funny and entertaining
  • Overselling oneself
  • Recycling a resume
  • Forgetting to include contact information
  • Forgetting to proofread and recheck cover letters

To write the perfect letter of recommendation, contact us today and have your LoR crafted by one of the best specialists in the field!

Awesome Dermatology Residency Letter of Recommendation

The dermatology residency LoR is one of the keys that hold an applicant’s faith in getting into the program, but that becomes a reality if the letter you’ll submit is geared towards the most impressive letter that makes him shine above the rest.  See the following guide from our letters of recommendation writing service and discover everything about writing the best LoR for dermatology residency.

Documents Required for Dermatology Residency

Admission to the four-year Doctorate software can be granted after the successful crowning glory of the Masters application, attaining a minimum score of the 50th percentile on the ABD Inservice exam (extra at the exam below), and identity of an appropriate mentor and challenge.

dermatology letter of recommendation sample

The grasp diploma is equivalent to the primary 2 years of the 4 yr Doctorate diploma and the degree is equal to the first year of the grasp’s degree.

Candidates need to have:

  • One year of internship certification
  • One or more years of experience in inside the practice of medicine (preferably dermatology)
  • The scorecard of the test: (TOEFL® rating of 575 for the paper-based check, 232 for the laptop-primarily based test, and ninety for the net-primarily based check; or an IELTS® score of seven).
  • A medical degree: (M.D. or equal) from an accepted university.
  • Write a dermatology residency letter of recommendation.

Tips to Create an Awesome Dermatology Residency LoR

There are some common mistakes you can make when writing a dermatology residency letter of recommendation.

  • A regular mistake is not using the right format for the type of letter you are writing. You should think of who will be reading your letter and tailor it according to your audience.
  • Another common mistake is not being objective. Even though you are recommending a student, you cannot forget a letter of recommendation needs to be objective.

dermatology residency letter of recommendation help

Important Note: If you have reservations and hesitations not to recommend someone for a residency, tell him or her politely so that he or she could find another recommender. It will be more polite to inform this early than making him wait for a letter that won’t come. If you accepted the task, check out the following steps. And also if you are interested in proper layout, then you might enjoy using these steps for pediatric residency letter of recommendation.

  • Ask for his resume before writing, helping you learn more about this student even if you have already worked with him for quite some time.
  • Interview the student and ask him of some questions, including the reasons he is applying and his future plans. Asking him of these questions will give you a better insight of reasons he would want to be getting into the dermatology residency as well as these would give you a better idea on how to market him in the LoR. Consider this as an important tip that will make your task very easy.
  • Being a recommender, you have to express your reasons as to why you are recommending this person to be in the residency program. What do you think are the best assets of this person to offer in the program? How can he provide value for the program?
  • Mention his most significant achievements in the field. You can mention how this person is working towards improving his knowledge in dermatology, all geared towards displaying his real interest and passion to become a part of the industry.
  • Write about his soft skills, including time management and organizational skills, and be able to support these with some concrete examples to strengthen them.

There you have things to include in the residency letter of recommendation help for a dermatology residency applicant. Be able to highlight his best assets in your perspective and help him win the application. If you already have a letter of recommendation.

dermatology residency personal statement writing help

Why Get Our Help with Letter Writing

Getting your letter of recommendation dermatology residency done is not so simple, so it is better to rely on professional service to help you with your dermatology residency LoR. Our experts will be able to improve your letter of recommendation by editing and rewriting it. A professional writer, with experience in letters of recommendation, can help you deliver a powerful and persuasive LoR.

We have an incredible team of experts with amazing skills. You can read our dermatology personal statement sample to get an idea of how they work. Read more about them:

  • We know how to structure a winning letter and will make the appropriate changes to your letter to achieve great results.
  • We have an experienced team that has been helping customers for many years. This has helped us to learn all the ins and outs of LoRs.
  • We only work with the best writers. Our expert writers are specialized in many subjects so we can cover a wide range of topics.
  • Our editing team is composed of skilled editors. They will do a thorough language check to catch any mistakes.
  • Our customer support team is made by friendly staff. They are available 24/7.

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You probably find reasons to hire the best services provider of the LoR writing. But wait a minute! Have you searched the benefits of trying us out? If no, then here are the major advantages to hire our valuable authors:

  • Over 99% Customer Satisfaction
  • 24/7/365 Customer Support
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
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  • Experienced and Professional Writers
  • Always Delivery on Time

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