Pediatric Residency Letter of Recommendation

A pediatrician is a doctor that works closely with children and their parents, treating children’s illnesses through proper diagnosis and healthcare, something a student will gain an experience with when he entered his dream pediatrics residency program. To get started to writing a pediatric residency letter of recommendation for a requester, check out the following effective tips from our letter of recommendation service.

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Pediatric Residency Letter of Recommendation Tips

  • Allot enough time in writing the letter for pediatrics residency application or even for dental residency application, ideally at least a month before the deadline of submissions. However, you may want to inform the student politely if in case you will not be able to complete the LoR on target time.
  • Before starting to write, you should ask the student a copy of his resume so that you will gain an in-depth knowledge about him and his accomplishments. You should also be able to interview the student as much as possible and ask him of his future plans, his life goals and his reasons for choosing the program and the school. This will give you a better insight and information so that you can speak best for him in this letter of recommendation service.
  • Enlist his accomplishments and do not only list his duties and responsibilities, displaying his achievements supported by data or figures. This will help you win the reader’s attention because you are providing him with concrete proof and examples to prove your claims about the student.
  • It will also help to mention his best traits and soft skills that you believe are valuable for the program in the pediatrics residency application. You can write about this person’s communication skills (oral and written); leadership skills (ability to work with a team); and organizational skills (e.g. time management skills).
  • Lastly, edit and proofread your letter for pediatrics residency application to ensure it contains no mistakes.

writing a good recommendation letter for pediatric residency

All of these tips boil to one top benefit: Helping the student win an interview slot. Therefore, bear in mind the importance of your recommendation and write towards that one goal of helping the student win this application.

Once you are done, submit your pediatric residency letter of recommendation and wish the student good luck!

January 20, 2016