Masters Personal Statement

Writing a personal statement for a master’s course seems like a real challenge to you? It’s okay. We have some useful advice and examples for you to succeed.

What Is a Masters Personal Statement?

A postgraduate personal statement is a critical aspect of your application to the university, but often it is underestimated, which is a big mistake. You must not waste an amazing opportunity of proving to the admission tutors that you are a perfect candidate by telling your story. Your masters personal statement doesn’t have to be too autobiographical. It has to show what moments and events from your life have made you choose this course for your future career. Talk about your relevant studies and list down reasons why you enjoy and want to continue them to earn a master’s degree. So, you have to learn the requirements set by the chosen university carefully. 

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Your personal statement for master degree is a piece of writing meant to explain what attracts you the most about this course and what great things you have already achieved. Find a successful masters personal statement example to get a grasp of how to prepare such a document and get some ideas.

How to Write a Masters Personal Statement?

So, after learning about the course and reading a decent personal statement sample for master, it is time to answer these questions:

  • Why you want to get a master’s degree in this sphere
  • How it will enhance your professional skills
  • What exactly you want to do in terms of your future career
  • What makes you special
  • What benefits you will bring to the course 
  • These questions may seem simple at first, but you should think through all the responses you give and the way you do it. Your masters degree personal statement should be brief and clear. Do not try to invent some special style of writing. It is also important to maintain the proper structure in your personal statement master and make sure that every paragraph is logical and chronologically right. You can see an exemplary layout in a personal statement for masters in education example.

    What Should You Include in a Masters Personal Statement?

    As mentioned before, your personal statement for masters program should include information about your current studies, the successful and interesting projects you took part in, the research you did, and also dissertations if there are any. Also, it will be nice if you write about the apposite work experience and skills and knowledge that you acquired there. Do not be shy to list your best abilities, whether it is time management, high responsibility, sociability, analytical mind, or organizational skills. Refer to it all in your personal statement for masters because you have to ‘sell’ yourself for this course. It will be superb as well if you depict some life situations where all these features were best displayed. Keep in mind that there are going to be tons of other personal statements for masters, so stick to what makes you out of the ordinary and impress the admission tutors with your expertise and passion for self-improvement.