Law Degree Personal Statement

Applying for a law course is a challenge. The competition is tough. Read through our recommendations on how to write an excellent personal statement. Our advice will help you achieve better results.

What Is a Law Degree Personal Statement?

A legal personal statement is a piece of writing about what you can contribute to the field and how the university can help you to do that. It has to show your love for this specific sphere. Like UCAS essays, they are aimed at selling students’ skills and knowledge to universities.

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The law personal statement structure is what you should focus on when writing your paper. It is a way to prove professionalism and an eye for detail. The admission tutors expect that your document will be well-structured and understandable.

Have a look at a few high-quality law personal statement examples. Experts believe it is the beginning of your paper that has to be exciting. Starting your piece of writing with an intriguing paragraph often leads to success.

How to Write a Successful Law Degree Personal Statement?

To get a better grasp of how to prepare an ideal document, you are recommended to go through several legal personal statement examples. Surely, Harvard law personal statement examples are the way to go.

Working on such a significant piece of writing is always hard. Nevertheless, there are tips that can make this task easier. Here is what we suggest that you should pay attention to:

  • Complex sentences
  • Remember that you aim at presenting information clearly rather than impressing the committee with your vocabulary.

  • Numerous drafts
  • This technique is time-tested. The more versions of the paper you have, the more selective you get. That somehow makes you feel what the admission tutors feel.

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  • Edit, cut, proofread
  • Seek some help. Let your friends look through your document. Ask for comments and edit, cut, and add accordingly.

    Do not try to overwork because it will not bring the expected results. Choose the time of the day when your brain is the most productive. Also, take a break every 20-30 minutes.

    What Should You Include in a Law Degree Personal Statement?

    Frequently, students do not have a clue about what they should include in a legal personal statement. Do not worry: that is what we are here for. Consider adding some things from our list:

  • Explain misconduct
  • In case you have any low grades, missed classes, or criminal records, you must explain them. What this will give is credibility. You will also boost your reliability in the admission tutors’ eyes.

  • Life challenges
  • Mention some hardships that you successfully overcame.

  • Tell a single story
  • Quality over quantity. Concentrate on a particular theme and do not try to discuss everything.

    There are no exact instructions for you to follow. Just be sincere, laconic, and comprehensible. Tell a story that you can be proud of.