English Literature Personal Statement

Taking this course demands persistence and knowledge. Many students are struggling with writing their personal statements. However, it is our mission to lend you a hand.

What Is an English Literature Personal Statement?

An English literature personal statement is your lottery ticket, and a top prize is an acceptance to the desired university. However, unlike on a lottery, your success is determined by the amount of effort that you put. So, spend as much energy as you need to fulfill this task.

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Make your English personal statement an exemplary work that students will later learn from. You can even aim higher and consider entering Oxford or Cambridge. In that case, your task will be to compose an outstanding Oxbridge English personal statement.

Remember: any creative writing personal statement is an opportunity to demonstrate your proficiency in the field. It is your priority to catch the admission tutors’ attention. Therefore, keep reading and get some tips on how you can do this task.

How to Write a Successful English Literature Personal Statement?

A “personal statement for English literature” sounds quite challenging, not to mention what it takes to write it. So, what should you do to prepare an impeccable English personal statement? First and foremost, learn from others.

Find an exceptional English literature personal statement example and analyze it profoundly. Ask yourself these questions. How is the first sentence/paragraph structured? What is the central theme of the paper? How does the author keep you engaged? What part of the work grabs your attention most?

You may follow our list of tips:

  • Make some references
  • Referring to a single or a few literary works or authors will prove that you are a well-read person.

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  • Link and combine
  • Always keep the info connected with the university and specialty, even if you are telling a story, dwelling on your experience, or providing facts.

  • Be thoughtful
  • You have to illustrate your critical thinking skills.

    Take these pieces of advice into account to boost your credibility in the tutors’ eyes. Do not forget that it is your turn to talk about what you have learned throughout the years. Put all your knowledge together and create a persuasive text.

    What Should You Include in an English Literature Personal Statement?

    Your English personal statement should have a well-thought-out structure. Hence, you need to come up with a specific plan. So, what can be included in your work?

    We recommend that you concentrate on these points:

  • Intriguing beginning
  • Available experience or/and qualifications
  • Passion and motivation
  • Trustworthy reasoning
  • Convincing conclusion
  • Write several personal statement samples to discover what works best for you. Ask your friends to read through the paper, and edit your work according to their comments.