Art Personal Statement

What is an art personal statement?

Congrats on your brave decision to become an artist! Some might say that creativity is a talent, something that you are born with. Maybe, but higher education is a must in our competitive world and an opportunity to broaden your horizons and build a solid base for your career. The first step for getting all that is an art personal statement. Your portfolio might be flawless, but that’s only half of your way. You have to demonstrate your creativity in a graphic design statement. Art is a reflection of your soul, right? Show who is hidden behind your craft in a designer statement essay. Naturally, the requirements for your application will depend on the institution. If you are applying to several schools, make sure to adjust a graphic design personal statement to each of them.

How to write a successful art personal statement?

Do you already feel worried about a graphic designer artist statement? That’s totally fine. Pre-application anxiety is a common problem. Well, yes, this is a made-up term, but we know how you are feeling. Do you know what calms down a lot of people? Lists! We have saved you some time and created a list of steps to compose a perfect UCAS personal statement. You can proceed with the following tasks.

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  • Read through graphic design artist statement examples to get some inspiration.
  • Create a plan. Outline the facts you are going to mention in your writing. Make sure to include them in the right paragraphs.
  • Start your writing. Any troubles with transforming a plan into a sophisticated essay? No worries. Experienced writers from our service are happy to help you at every stage of the process.
  • Proofread it yourself. The best trick is to read it out loud. Show it to your parents, counselors, or supervisors as they might highlight the parts you have missed out.
  • See? Not that hard!

    What should you include in an art personal statement?

    Now, let’s talk about the specifics!

  • Why art? That’s a unique career choice. In a good way, of course. Being an artist is not a 9-to-5. You are immersed in your work 24/7. Tell the world how and why you have decided to dedicate your life to visual arts. Beginning your essay with an intriguing story from your life, instead of a dry introduction, is an effective way to catch attention.
  • Motivation. Even if you are applying just after high school, you are expected to be pretty sure about your future. Well, it is not that easy to plan out an artist’s future. We understand you. Nevertheless, arts & design is a very broad subject. Thus, you need to sketch out some career plans. If you do, the admission staff will be sure that you are not having second thoughts about where to apply and that your decision is well-thought-out and mature. Are you into graphic design? Maybe you dream of becoming an art director? The main piece of advice about this part is to be as specific as you can.
  • Inspiration. Talk about the art movements that you are influenced by, for instance, Art Nouveau, Renaissance, or Pre-Raphaelites. Say who is your favorite artist and why you admire them. Getting acquainted with you is what a graphic design artist statement is for. Expounding on your inspirations is an ideal way to prove that you are well-rounded and erudite.
  • Still unsure about the whole thing? A nice calming exercise is to read successful design statement examples. Get inspired and engaged in the process!