You Can’t Even Imagine There Are Such Reference Letter Types

A recommendation letter is a written reference highlighting the details about the applicant’s character. It includes work ethic, personality, academic achievements and community involvement. See the following on reference letter tips and facts to know about the types. To know more about our recommendation letter service just click here.

reference letter tips

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Types of Recommendation Letters

  • Academic recommendation letters: This type of recommendation letter is typically used in the admission process. The letters give admission committee the details that may or may not be found in the college application, which include work achievements, academic achievements, personal details and character references.
  • Employment recommendation: This recommendation letter is used by people who are trying to get a new job. The recommendations can be sent together with the resume, post on a site, or can be used as a part of the portfolio or supplied when the application is filled out. Most of the employers ask applicants to submit at least three career references.
  • Character references: Character references or character recommendations are used for legal situations, housing accommodations, child adoption and other situations. This recommendation is written by property owners, former employers, doctors, neighbors, business associates, acquaintances and others.

When to Get a Recommendation Letter

Make sure that you do not wait until the last minute before you get a recommendation letter. You need to give the writer a time to create a useful letter that creates the best impression. Begin to look for recommendations at least two months before you need to submit them.

Choosing a Recommendation Letter Writer

These reference letter tips will help you in choosing the right writer for your recommendation. In fact, you need to get a recommendation letter from people who know you well. If you are not sure whether to get a professor or a student instructor, you can consider a letter from the one that knows you better for a more personalized approach in writing.

In obtaining a strong letter, ask the writer if they are prepared in writing a positive reference. It is also essential to ask them if they have concerns about your candidacy.

  • Make an effort: Explore the willingness of the writer in writing the reference letter.
  • Visit them: If you want to ask for a faculty to write the letter, then visit them during their office hours.
  • Prepare the materials: Be sure to give all the materials that the writers need in writing the recommendation letter. Some of the common materials include the resume, class paper copies, college transcripts and others.

Finally, if you ask a recommendation letter from people who know you well, you need to give them enough time to write. Be sure to give all the materials they need and do not forget to follow up with the progress.

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April 18, 2017