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No matter how experienced you are, these words are causing little nausea and cold chills on your back. Well, maybe it is not that bad, but definitely, a Letter of Recommendation is not your favorite topic of discussion. We feel you on that.

Nevertheless, LoR’s anxiety is cured. Can you image thing about the letter of recommendation with no stress attached? The best solution is to use professional help from the letter of recommendation writing service.

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What is a letter of recommendation?

The major reason for fear is uncertainty and obscurity. Thus, a big part of solving the problem is setting the record straight and getting to know the problem. Today our issue is a letter of recommendation. So, what is a letter of recommendation for a job? Directly speaking, that is a reference from some you worked with. The first misconception is that the letter of recommendation should be written by a boss. False! A professional referral letter can be given by a colleague, professor, or a mentor. Thus, feel free to ask it, anyone you want. Well, you can’t ask your mum that person should be involved in your academic/work background. (Unless you run a business with your mum).

Bear in mind, letter of recommendation is needed only for your work. There is a difference between writing a letter of recommendation for a job applicant or promotion and recommendation letter to college. Both these types of rec letter guarantee that you are a successful and reliable candidate. What is a letter of recommendation for college? A college rec letter is the most formal part of an application. Yet, it is important to know the rules and peculiarities of this type of writing. College rec letter has a high chance of boosting your overall application.

What is a professional letter of recommendation? It is a review of your job performance. A few years ago, a severe controversy occurred concerning rec letter. Previous employees sued their employers for bad rec letters. Thus, nowadays, a job rec letter is getting more vague and short.

How to write a letter of recommendation?

You are a reliable, professional, and trustworthy individual who achieved a lot in the workplace. You are a dedicated professor, a manager, or a satisfied client. Thus, there is a chance you will be asked to write a recommendation letter. Are you happy to help, but have some doubts writing a good recommendation letter? We feel your anxiety, it is truly tricky business. Nevertheless, there is a way to make a recommendation letter a painless and enjoyable process. The best option is to use professional help with writing a job reference letter or writing a letter of recommendation for college or for a student. Our experts know exactly what to put in the mysterious formal essay, which is called the rec letter. Do not struggle about overselling or underselling the person who asked you to write a rec letter. Rely on our experienced writers and get a perfect rec letter with no struggle at all.

The recommendation letter is a sort of formal document when you mainly state facts about how long have you worked with a candidate, that he/she is a reliable and hardworking person. Also, you objectively tell the recipient about one’s achievements, presented in numbers.

So, what is a deal with writing a letter of recommendation for a teacher? It is a common request from a teacher’s or professors’ colleagues. Do not feel stressed about that small little favor of writing a letter of recommendation for a professor. The procedure is quite formal, you don’t need to express your artistic potential in here. The great solution is to use facts in the form of numbers to present your colleague’s achievements. If you are worried about spoiling something for your career, simply trust the writing service to do it for you. Everyone will be happy with the results!

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Our writers are highly proficient at this kind of job, and English is their native language.

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Our writers are highly proficient at this kind of job, and English is their native language.

Writing a recommendation letter for graduate school is a common request from undergraduate students to their professors and teachers. That kind of document is aimed to show that student is a mature and reliable candidate. Moreover, there is a small detail about rec letters for a grad school. Based on these formal documents, a scholarship or a fellowship might be given. A passionate rec letter is a great addition for the application. If it is provided by a well-known and well-respected expert in that field, it might even be a deal-breaker when it comes to choosing a scholarship recipient. Thus, it is truly crucial not to undersell your fellow student.

Structure of a letter of recommendation?

The main anxiety is connected to the recommendation letter structure. Rember, unlike a letter of motivation or SOP the structure should be very strict. Here you do not need to impress the reader with your writing and creative abilities. The main thing is to know how to construct an official letter and use formal language. Having some doubts about that skills? It is not a place to worry. Our professional writers will assist you at any stage of creating a recommendation letter. What to include in a letter of recommendation? The recommendation letter does not need a catchy opening and smooth metaphors. Thus, you just have to make sure all the necessary info is given. What kind of question should be answered? You can’t imagine how simple that part is! We have an ultimate list of topics that should be covered in the rec letter. That method is called “five W”. You have to answer a list of the following question:

  • Who you are writing about. (only the dry facts like name, position and your relation to the person).
  • Why are you giving that recommendation, your motivation to write this letter.
  • Where and When you taught, worked, collaborated with a person you writing a review about. Again, fry fact. All the needed information is dates, time, and place.
  • What is unique about this person. What contributions she/he made to the company.

See, you got to answer these simple questions and your letter of recommendation is ready! If you have any trouble with them, simply us the help of our professional writers.

The major issue occurs when it is time for the question on how to begin a recommendation letter and recommendation letter ending. Again, it is not a time to be creative. The ending and the beginning of the rec letter is very official. Thus, the business letter format should be used. Let us give us a brief introduction. Under your address, you have to begin with “Dear Sir/Madam:” and follow up with the purpose of your letter. The best way to finish your rec letter is to offer the ability to contact you with any further questions concerning the cover letter. Do you feel like you are more an artsy0farstu type, and the official language is not your top skills? We have a solution. Our experienced writers will be happy to help you to make your rec letter look formal and official.

The length of the letter of recommendation should concern you. The maximum is one page.

How long should a letter of recommendation be?

The first question that comes to mind is, how long should a college recommendation letter be? Rember, we talked that the basis for rec letter is a sample of an official business letter. The letter should consist of approximately two paragraphs plus introduction and ending. Even if you have a true desire to help the person you are writing to, do not make your letter more than one page. Firstly, too long letter might look like unnecessary flattery. In that case, it won’t be perceived seriously. Secondly, it too long rec letter won’t show you as a reliable and respected rec letter giver. The letter of recommendation length is a way to show that you are familiar with the official style and able to use it in your writing.

How long should a letter of recommendation be for graduate school? The answer is simple: the same size as any other rec letter. Four-five paragraphs, which are fitted to one page, is more than enough. Even if you are trying to help your student to get a scholarship or a fellowship, you won’t help by making your rec letter extra long. You should impress the admission staff not with the length of your essay, but with the quality.

If you are having any trouble meeting those guidelines, it is not time to worry. We have a solution right here. Our dedicated experts will create an outstanding letter recommendation that is suited exactly for your and your’s recipient needs.

How to start a letter of recommendation?

Do not torture yourself with a question on how to begin a recommendation letter. If you are asked to write a rec letter, you probably experienced professional;. Thus, you write at least one professional e-mail per day. We have great news for you. The best way starting a letter of recommendation is the same as starting an official letter or an e-mail. Thus, begin with your address and the date on the right and follow with a recipient address on the left. Letter of recommendation introduction starts with a polite handing like “Dear Sir/Madam” and follows the explanation of the aim of your letter. If you are having trouble using official language and formatting, do not torture yourself. We know a way how to avoid the boredom of writing the rec letter. Ask for the assistance of our experienced writers. They will be happy to help you to construct a professional rec letter.

What should a letter of recommendation include?

We have already mentioned things to include in a recommendation letter. The best way to solve this dilemma is rule of “5 W”. Simply answer these questions, and your rec letter is practically ready. If you are having trouble creating an official letter, do not torture yourself with boredom. Here is a perfect solution just for you. Experienced writers from our writing service are happy to help you a marvelous rec letter.

What to include in a letter of recommendation for graduate school? If you are writing a rec letter for a future grad school student, a real benefit will be to emphasize the proficiency of the applicant in the chosen subject.

What to include in a letter of recommendation for college? College applicants do not have much work/academic experience. Thus, mention that future student is truly dedicated to the education, eager to learn and is very promising candidate overall.

How to conclude a letter of recommendation?

The conclusion so far is the easiest part. Nevertheless, it is important due to the fact employers or the admission staff night just look through the letter and read only the letter of recommendation conclusion. The edging is a summary that should be made in a form one sense. “I can recommend .. because” A few adjectives about positive qualities of one’s who were recommended and a strong letter of recommendation is done. Besides, do not forget to offer the recipient to contact you and provide all the necessary data for that. That is an important point. By offering to get in touch, you are proving that your recommendation is a true and reliable source.

Most popular type of a letter of recommendation

There are numerous of types of recommendation letter. There are aimed for a different thing, but overall, they are pretty similar. It formal, short and official review about the person. It should not be too positive to look reliable and convincing. Writing a recommendation letter can be more boring than challenging. That is why a common solution is to rely on this unpleasant process on the professionals. Our experienced writers can write a perfect (both in terms of formatting and structure) letter of recommendation. They are proven experts in every single typo of rec letters starting from the writing a letter of recommendation for a professor, business school recommendation letter to military letter of recommendation and recommendation letter for nursing school. No matter how hard the recommendation letter may look for you, our writers sure do know how to handle the process.

Let’s get down to the secrets of writing different kinds of rec letters.

Shall we begin with academic ones? These are writing a letter of recommendation for teacher and letter of recommendation for student. A relationship between student and teacher can be quite warm, so it is truly important to show that you are rec letter truly objective. Do not make it too long. One page is more than enough. Besides, focus on the achievements that can be measured in numbers.

A very popular type of letter are letters of recommendation for college admissions. Only the best colleges require a college recommendation letter. Thus, a good rec letter might be a decision makes. Are you feeling worried about the responsibility of writing an academic letter of recommendation? No need to. Our service will take all the responsibility. Our experienced writers will make your recommendation impeccable both in terms of grammar, formatting and structure.

Yes, college rec letter might be tough, but real pain is a letter of recommendation for graduate school. These letters help not only to get to the desired University. Based on rec letter, the admission committee decides who to give a scholarship or a fellowship. Thus, a good and well-written rec letter for grad school is very important. Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the responsibility? Simply use the help of professional writers. They will tailor the letters to the program requirements, and you will get an outstanding academic recommendation letter.

The letter of recommendation for job is pretty vapid and short. When it comes to reference letters for a job, employers are often concerned about what former employees can file a lawsuit for a bad rec letter. Thus, in recent years, these letters are getting less and informative and useful. Usually, only the official data that can be found in a resume is given.

We talked a lot about the professor letter of recommendation. That type of letter may be needed if the professor is transferring to the other University. Usually, the recommendation should be given by colleagues or dean. Writing an academic letter of recommendation is a lot of responsibility; we understand the pressure. Secure the quality of your letter by getting the help of proficient writers from our service.

It is very important to get a good mba recommendation letter. People who are applying to b-shool are usually mature candidates, who have years of experience. They might even own small businesses. Thus, a process is very competitive. For a letter of recommendation for masters program, chose a truly respectful people in your industry. The best option is your boss or business partner. When it comes to a business reference letter, it is truly crucial to get everything right in terms of formatting.
A special type is a volunteer letter of recommendation. For applicants, who do not have extensive work experience, the reviews of their volunteer experience is truly important. Besides, it can be used as a letter of recommendation for an internship. In this type of letter, the giver of recommendation might state that the candidate is organized, dedicated, hardworking.

When you are applying to residency, a nursing school recommendation letter is truly crucial. You can ask both your professors and colleague, who you worked with during your clinical rotations.

For those who are applying to the scholarship, every small thing matters. Thus, a scholarship reference letter can add a great value to application. Think about who can you ask for a reference letter for scholarships. That should be a highly respected person in the eyes of an admission committee

The last type is a letter of recommendation for doctoral program. That is the highest peak of your career, you worked incredibly hard to get there. Thus, every single thing matters. You can ask for a letter both colleagues or professors.

Frequently Asked Questions About Recommendation Letter

In our modern world, rec letters are becoming a tricky business. The givers of these magical papers are afraid to oversell or undersell the ones who asked about the rec letter. Thus, they are making rec letter as formal as it can be. Let’s set the record straight about all the drama with rec letter by giving short and direct answers for the most common questions about that type of writing.

Can a friend write a letter of recommendation?

We are not going to beat around the bush. The answer is as simple as it can be: NO, you can’t ask for a letter of recommendation from a friend. There is no point in rec letter from a family member. Bear in mind, that if your mum is your professor and your dad is your employes (well, all kinds of things can happen), too positive rec letter is no good for you. Who to ask for a letter of recommendation? Your teacher, coach, member or colleague.

Should a letter of recommendation be typed or handwritten?

A basis for a letter of recommendation format is a business letter format. Do not worry. You are well familiar with that. You use it every day in your e-mails. That is a standart, “Dear Sir/Madam…” and the ending “Yours faithfully…”. It is important to follow this format. Thus, a rec letter should be typed. There is no need to ask for a handwritten letter due to the fact your letter will be sent by e-mail anyway. Frankly, a handwritten type of letter will look unprofessional and numb-ish.

Let’s summarize

Well, know you know the basics of writing a perfect rec letter. The rule of “5” will assist you in what to include in your letter. The business letter guidelines will help you with the formation and the structure. You know how to begin and how to conclude your letter. Besides, you are familiar with the lengths and structure. If you are still having trouble creating a perfect letter, do not worry. Our experts from letter of recommendation writing service will be happy to assist you in creating a marvelous rec letter.