Law Personal Statement

Getting accepted to law school is never easy. Aside from your grades, though, you need an application document, and it matters most. We have prepared some useful information that may help you achieve the desired result.

What Is a Law Personal Statement?

Your legal personal statement is one of the key factors that the admission committee will take into account. Your task is to present yourself in the best possible way by describing your strong sides. Your paper has to convey what appeals to you regarding this sphere.

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Your UCAS essays should also explain why the committee has to select a person like you. In this piece of writing, your priority is to assure the reader that you really want to study the subject at the respective level. Furthermore, mentioning your career vision in the field is a must.

Remember that your writing skills are crucial in the preparation of this document. It is filling and wrapping that both are going to be evaluated. Keep reading to discover some tips on creating a remarkable piece.

How to Write a Successful Law Personal Statement?

Writing any legal personal statement needs preparation. So, be patient and start early. Research about the university and the course you are applying for. Make a list of what you would like to discuss in your paper. Here is what we suggest you should pay attention to:

  • A few law personal statement examples
  • Come up with at least three different variants of your document. Choose the best one and proceed with editing and proofreading.

  • Common quotes
  • The admission tutors would be tired of reading banalities again and again. In case you want to add a quote, find a unique one, which no one is likely to have used before in their paper.

  • Write less
  • Surely, there is the maximum word count for this task. It does not mean, though, you must reach it. It is better to write less rather than including irrelevant info.

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    Our writers are highly proficient at this kind of job, and English is their native language.

  • A course-oriented paper
  • In case you are applying for several courses, documents for each of them have to be adjusted. Use your knowledge of the course/university to your advantage.

    Do not forget to find successful legal personal statement examples and analyze them. That will help you structure your piece of writing. Focus on style and structure.

    What Should You Include in a Law Personal Statement?

    There is no official list of what you have to include in your paper. You need to discover it by yourself. Nevertheless, some things will never be impertinent to your document:

  • Your suitability
  • The effort you put into studies
  • Sources of enthusiasm
  • Consider that it is your own legal personal statement. Thus, try to make it highly individual and stay true to yourself. Do not exaggerate in your piece of writing: the admission committee will notice that. Also, keep it academic: there is no place for slang or jokes in it.