3 Funny Recommendation Letter Jokes to Consider

Everyone thinks aт LoR has to be all serious and tedious, where you explain something about the candidate. Nonetheless, sometimes, boring and plain letters may eventually reduce the chances of success, especially if it is not engaging. A funny work, for example, a dental school recommendation letter, on the other hand, may completely change what the committee or hiring manager thinks about the applicant.

If you use letter of recommendation humor, you will attract more attention to your document and make it more entertaining, especially if you know how to do it correctly. That’s why we are going to help you create the best humorous letter of recommendation that will stand out from the crowd.

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What Is a Letter of Recommendation and How Often Do People Need It?

A letter of recommendation is a document that applicants or candidates for jobs, college programs, internships, and residencies need somebody to compose, and managers and committees have to revise it. This document is meant to tell about the person through the eyes of someone who worked, studied, or collaborated with them in the past.

As usual, an applicant needs at least two letters for every application. If they intend to apply to different universities, they will likely need many letters. It means they may ask many people, depending on their needs.

3 Funny LoR Jokes You Can Use

When it comes to writing a funny letter of recommendation, jokes may be difficult to incorporate. Not only does it have to make the reader laugh, but it also has to leave a positive impression about the candidate. A letter of recommendation joke, such as the following ones, can make a significant impact.

  • He/She Can Steal

    When talking of the candidate for the job or education program, you can start by saying that this person “can steal” and then explain exactly why (positively). Example: “If you hire Ms. Kox, you will immediately get the one for your business roster who can steal. Yes, she can steal your heart completely, both as a worker and as a person.

  • Useless in the Irrelevant Area

    Another thing that may seem cynical but is just a joke is indicating an activity at which the candidate is bad. Then, you will make a comparison by saying how good they are at something related to their actual career. Example: “Mark is a person who cooks chicken with fear and lets his pasta burn even at low flame. Nevertheless, when it comes to managing a team of workers, he performs masterfully.

  • Exaggeration, Sarcasm, & Refute

    When joking, you may exaggerate something slightly but then refute it. Hyperbolization and disproof should both be fun. Example: “Mr. Yan always gave his best shot without hesitation. One day he worked for almost 26 hours straight, and then he called it a day. Well, not 26 hours, he just worked 8 with a little extra time, but it seemed to him that it was almost three working days and two extra hours.

What to Avoid When Writing an LoR

Even though a humorous recommendation letter can work better than those written seriously, it won’t do if there are mistakes. The following errors can decrease the quality of your funny letter of recommendation.

  • Superlatives: Don’t exaggerate unless you are going to refute it as a joke or explain accurately. Avoid words such as “amazing,” “fantastic,” “outstanding,” “superb,” and so on.
  • Lies: Surely, you are trying to write the best letter of recommendation with jokes to impress the person who will read it. Still, don’t lie. Be sure that you’re not making your LoR look unreliable.
  • Details: Want a more engaging LoR? Be succinct when writing. Include jokes where needed, but don’t go too much into detail or unnecessary stories.

What Phrases to Use

Now you know what to avoid when composing nursing school letters of recommendation, so it is time to understand what phrases you can use according to the paragraph you’re writing.


  • I have no hesitation recommending…
  • He/she was a student in my class / an employee in my charge…
  • I am pleased to comment on…
  • Based on my experience/knowledge/time, I can recommend…
  • I have known him/her for/since…


  • I can attest to his/her [soft skill] due to…
  • He/she exercises the responsibility of [charge or activity] very well…
  • He/she fulfilled the job requirements completely…
  • He/she follows instructions without delay…
  • He/she is a [soft skill] person with [hard skill] ability…


  • He/she will surely meet your expectations…
  • He/she will not disappoint you in any way…
  • He/she will be a valuable addition to…
  • He/she can be a great asset to your…
  • He/she will be an essential asset in any place…

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