The Best Dental Residency Letter of Recommendation

dental residency letter of recommendation

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The dental residency letter of recommendation is an important part of the application process. No student is spared from submitting at least two of these letters, depending on the number required by the program. If you are requested to write for a student, then check out the following for useful tips to know in order to come up with the most impressive letter of recommendation service for dental residency applicants.

Best Dental Residency Letter of Recommendation Tips

  • Before you start writing, it would be best to ask the student a copy of his resume or CV, helping you learn more about him as well as information to include should you need mentioning of his achievements in the LoR.
  • As far as you know, how did this student become a help for you? What are his impressive traits that make you recommend him to become a part of the dental residency? You should be able to sell this student by enlisting a couple of his characteristics that you think are most valuable in the program.
  • You should also mention a couple of his duties and responsibilities, but make sure that you back these up with impressive accomplishments or achievements, which are going to show this person possesses the right skills that will be helpful for him to succeed in dentistry and that will be an asset for the program if they take him in.
  • Avoid using vague or ambiguous language, but straightforward and concise words. Don’t use the word creative and enthusiastic if you won’t be able to nail some illustrations or examples to prove that this person really is.
  • The dental residency application letter must be free from grammar and spelling mistakes; thus, reading it a couple of times will help. In this case, do not begin writing until there are a few days left, but start conceptualizing at least a month before the deadline.

Check out these tips when writing an impressive dental residency application that will help the student win his most coveted spot in the interview. Or even you can check another ideas and visit our family medicine letter of recommendation sample.

Change someone’s life by helping him get into the dental residency program of his dreams with a perfectly written dental residency letter of recommendation.

January 13, 2016