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The medical residency letter of recommendation is one of the major steps to helping someone in gaining a spot in the selection process. It is your main role to write an impressive LOR for the requester. In this case, it would be wise that you spend enough time in writing and editing the paper to ensure it is impressive to win the reader’s eyes. Check out the following guide to learn of top ways on how to come up with a great medical letter of recommendation.

Writing Medical Residency Letter of Recommendation

You need both time and thought in coming up with an impressive letter of recommendation residency for medical for the requester. On that note, it is highly suggested you start early so that you still have some time to reading and editing your paper before submitting it.

  • Before writing, you should think of the things to include in the LOR for medical residency.
  • Remember, the letter is about selling the student to the reader so that the latter will realize the value of his application. So without even saying, you should be able to highlight this person’s skills and accomplishments.
  • Tell about how this person is different from the rest of the people who have handled the same position or who have studied in the same school, as far as you know of.
  • You can also sell this student’s soft skills, including his organizational skills, which you think will help him in the residency as a medical resident. Aside from that, you can also talk about his communication skills, both in oral and written English. As you know, communication is one of the most important aspects of working as a medical professional in the future.
  • Include a few of his accomplishments or achievements. This will help him win the invitation for interview because the letter of recommendation medical residency is able to display how he can provide diversity in the residency.
  • You should also tell about his knowledge on the subject matter so that you can help the reader realize that this student is really passionate about medicine and that everything he’s doing is towards augmenting what he knows on the subject matter.

This list of tips in writing letter of recommendation medical residency may not be exhaustive, but it is a great way to start and write the LoR by using our letter of recommendation service that shows how the requester is suitable for medical residency.

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December 30, 2015